• Author Recognition

    Author Recognition

    After many years in the teaching profession, Linda Maria Frank, the author of Annie Tillery Mysteries, has launched a new career. Inspired by a childhood passion for the Nancy Drew series and the popular television series, CSI, she successfully married an appealing heroine (Annie Tillery) with gripping story plots to create these new fiction books […]

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  • Author Recognition II

    Author Recognition II

    J. A. Carlton has more than 8 books and 5 screenplays under her belt, J. A. Carlton has a mission that mainstream publishing doesn’t want you to know about. She’s the Author you’re NOT reading but SHOULD be! Award Winning Author J. A. Carlton blasts through genre barriers, first with her horrifying psychological thrillers ‘Broken’ […]

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  • Author Recognition lll

    Author Recognition lll

    Lila L. Pinord was born and raised on the Quinault Indian Reservation in a small fishing village called Queets, Washington. She was so small at birth that her father held her in the palm of one hand. She finished grade school at Queets-Clearwater, then it was on to Lake Quinault High School where she earned […]

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  • Author Recognition IV

    Author Recognition IV

    John J. Zelenski is an award-winning author who has appeared on television, radio, and has been featured in numerous print articles as well as receiving high-profile reviews from the popular community. Having been inspired, in part, to write his first novel Walker’s Vale, by his own paranormal experiences as a child, John has developed a […]

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  • Author Recognition V

    Author Recognition V

    Russell F. Moran is the author of The Gray Ship (Coddington Press 2013), book one of The Time Magnet series. It’s a story of time travel, romance, and a nuclear warship that finds itself in the Civil War. The Thanksgiving Gang is the sequel, and A Time of Fear is Book Three in the series. […]

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  • Author Recognition Vl

    Author Recognition Vl

    C. G. Haberman was raised in south-central Nebraska, undergraduate education from the Nebraska University, and MS from Fort Hays State University. For nearly a decade he taught the biological sciences in secondary schools. He changed professions to work in the environmental field for three different state agencies over twenty years. C. G. returned to education […]

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