• Author Recognition

    Author Recognition

    Gloria Antypowich writes Contemporary Adult Fiction. In 2015 she published the Belanger Creek Ranch Series, a group of four books that can be read as standalone, but will enrich the readers experience if they are read in sequence. The series focuses on a group of people who have become as close as family because of […]

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  • Author Recognition II

    Author Recognition II

    Burl Benson Hall and Merry Stetson Hall are the authors of Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature. Burl Hall is an author, philosopher (lover-of-Sophia), mystic, retired counselor, and online radio co-host of Envision This which connects listeners to visionaries of a more resilient, equitable, and Earth-friendly future. He writes with the […]

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  • Author Recognition lll

    Author Recognition lll

    Augustus M. Cileone won the Dark Oak Mystery Contest sponsored by Oak Tree Press, for the novel, A Lesson in Murder, about homicides associated with a Philadelphia Quaker school. His second novel, Feast or Famine, a satire, deals with a traumatized man dealing with his Catholic Italian American upbringing in the 1960′s and 1970′s. His […]

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  • Author Recognition IV

    Author Recognition IV

    Along with enjoying a peaceful life in rural Northern Nevada, Clint Adams is now marketing his first historical novel, EVANGELINE The Seer of Wall St.. His first novel for adults, a thriller: The Seventh Ritual, a race for survival. After having spent over a decade prior as a teen-fiction author, Clint leaves young adult publishing […]

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  • Author Recognition V

    Author Recognition V

    Writing under the nom de plume M.D. Wiselka, Melinda Wiselka is the oldest of four daughters and one of the numerous descendants of a Polish family who immigrated from Wisła, Poland in 1913 to farm in Big Horn, Wyoming. Melinda has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia over the last decade, visiting, among other places, […]

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  • Author Recognition Vl

    Author Recognition Vl

    Author Brian A. McLaughlin is a native of Long Island, NY where he has spent most of his life taking advantage of its proximity to the ocean. He completed 10 years of private school before finishing his last two years and graduating from Bay Shore High School in 1971. He and his wife Lin met […]

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