• Author Recognition – I

    Author Recognition – I

    Author B. W. Prescott is the public persona of an anonymous, 57-year-old, white male who has spent his entire life contending with serious mental illness and addictions within his birth family. The problems caused by these mental illnesses and addictions have included medical issues and extended hospitalizations, civil litigation, arrests and criminal prosecution, terminations of […]

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  • Author Recognition – II

    Author Recognition – II

    John Klawitter has produced documentaries and TV Specials for network and cable television. He currently writes novels, books and screenplays and develops projects for television and cinema release through his Indy Company, Dancing Bear Enterprises. He also produces two or three books a year through his DoubleSpin Publishing Company. He has won numerous awards, including […]

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  • Book Promotion – I

    Book Promotion – I

    College student and art major Samantha Harper has been tracing her family tree for quite some time. Her mother, Rebecca, died when Sam was sixteen and she never talked much about her past. Samantha is thrilled to hear that she will be allowed to research her mother’s past for a school assignment. Upon arriving in […]

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  • Book Promotion – II

    Book Promotion – II

    Eminent criminal barrister Adolphus Winterbourne had been worried about his godson Arthur before but when he discovered that the young man was in Clerkenwell prison on remand for suspected burglary, he got quite a shock… It is 1829, and burglary is a capital offense. But Arthur’s brief stay in a London prison on a mistaken […]

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  • Book Promotion – III

    Book Promotion – III

    Emily wakes in clothes other than the ones she wore to bed. It’s as though she’d got out of bed and went somewhere and don’t remember. What’s happening while she sleeps? Could she be sleep walking, or is there something more sinister going on? Her problem stems back to her childhood, only its become more […]

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  • Book Promotion – IV

    Book Promotion – IV

    Book One-The Source Of Darkness An ancient evil seeks a powerful magic, the Source of Darkness, which is lost in the land. The truth behind the Source of Darkness unfolds as the ally forces piece together the scant clues carried down through their histories. The revelations they uncover reinforce the need to find the magic […]

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