• Tory Allyn

    Tory Allyn

    Tory Allyn currently resides in Upstate New York. Although born in Syracuse, he was raised in the quaint town of Baldwinsville with his brother and two sisters, who drove him into becoming the zany person he is today. As a child, he made up many a tale. Some funny; others dark and brooding, but all […]

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  • Cary Allen Stone

    Cary Allen Stone

    Amazon #1 Best Seller Reader’s Favorites Five–Star Awards “Cary Allen Stone is a brilliant writer of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries. He writes with a keen eye for detail–the graphic violence is chillingly realistic. He delivers a taut, darkly introspective, cunning and well-executed plot by leaning towards the fallible side of his characters. He understands […]

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  • Mary T. Kincaid

    Mary T. Kincaid

    I’m an Oklahoma girl who spent thirty years living in the deep South. I’m an observer. Everything can be the basis of a good story. Story ideas are everywhere. No need to give you my dates like I’ve passed from this life. I’m here. It’s now. Let’s read. I write stories for children. The golden […]

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  • James H. Barrett Jr.

    James H. Barrett Jr.

    James H. Barrett Jr. published his first novel, “A Summer to be Treasured”, in 2014 with Abbott Press. He recently moved from Pittsburgh, PA and now lives in Northern Nevada, with his wife, Belva. “I enjoy writing Family-friendly fiction. Stories that everyone can relate to. Usually involving everyday people that have some type of obstacle […]

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  • Raymond Cook

    Raymond Cook

    As for who Raymond Cook is, well, I’m a 62 year old disabled veteran. In 1972, at the age of 18, I enlisted in the marine Corp. My plan was to retire. But fate has a way of changing our destiny. In 1974 on my way back to my base, a drunk driver hit me […]

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  • Clayton Graham

    Clayton Graham

    Clayton Graham was born and raised in Stockport, near Manchester UK. He graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Salford University in 1966 having attained a Student Apprenticeship with English Electric Aviation. He settled in Victoria, Australia in 1982. He is a retired aerospace engineer who enjoyed working in the field of efficient lightweight […]

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  • Russell F. Moran

    Russell F. Moran

    Russell F. Moran is the author of The Gray Ship, The Thanksgiving Gang, A Time of Fear, and The Skies of Time (all four books in the Time Magnet series). The Shadows of Terror and The Scent of Revenge are books one and two in the Patterns Series. Sideswiped is book one and The Reformers […]

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  • Viv Drewa

    Viv Drewa

    Viv is a Michigan native who has enjoyed reading and writing since 1963. Though she studied medicinal chemistry at the University of Michigan her passion has always been writing. She was awarded third place for her nonfiction short story about her grandfather’s escape from Poland. Later, she rewrote this story and was published in the […]

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