• Fran Connor

    Fran Connor

    Fran Connor is British and lives in SW France with his wonderful partner Viv, their dog and chickens. He claims he’s living in that area for the lifestyle and weather which he says helps an author’s creative juices. It may just be an excuse to drink wine and lounge in the sun. He writes novels, […]

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  • Clayton Graham

    Clayton Graham

    Clayton Graham was born and raised in Stockport, near Manchester UK. He graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Salford University in 1966 having attained a Student Apprenticeship with English Electric Aviation. He settled in Victoria, Australia in 1982. He is a retired aerospace engineer who enjoyed working in the field of efficient lightweight […]

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  • Russell F. Moran

    Russell F. Moran

    Russell F. Moran is the author of The Gray Ship, The Thanksgiving Gang, A Time of Fear, and The Skies of Time (all four books in the Time Magnet series). The Shadows of Terror and The Scent of Revenge are books one and two in the Patterns Series. Sideswiped is book one and The Reformers […]

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  • Viv Drewa

    Viv Drewa

    Viv is a Michigan native who has enjoyed reading and writing since 1963. Though she studied medicinal chemistry at the University of Michigan her passion has always been writing. She was awarded third place for her nonfiction short story about her grandfather’s escape from Poland. Later, she rewrote this story and was published in the […]

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  • Kaylin McFarren

    Kaylin McFarren

    Linda Yoshida, aka Kaylin McFarren, is a rare bird indeed. Not a migratory sort, she prefers to hug the West Coast and keep family within visiting range. Although she has virtually been around the world, she was born in California, relocated with her family to Washington, and nested with her husband in Oregon. In addition […]

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  • Kim McDougall

    Kim McDougall

    Kim McDougall is an author, fiber artist and photographer with a BA in English Literature from Concordia University. As co-founder of Castelane Inc, Kim has produced 400+ book trailer videos. Kim writes for children under her married name, Kim Chatel. She has 6 children’s books in print, including the EPPIE Award-Winning, Rainbow Sheep. Writing as […]

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  • Sandra Masters

    Sandra Masters

    From a humble beginning in Newark, New Jersey, a short stay at a convent in Morristown, NJ at the age of fourteen, retiring from a fantastic career for a play broadcasting company in Carlsbad, California, to the rural foothills of the Sierras of Yosemite National Park, Sandra traded in the Board Rooms for the Ballrooms […]

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  • Glenn Sartori

    Glenn Sartori

    Glenn Sartori is a lifelong resident of St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from St. Louis University with BS and MS in Electrical Engineering. In 1997 he married Rosanne and enjoy condo living in St. Louis County. They have two sons Michael and Jeffrey, both grown, live in different cities and have a family of their […]

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