A Brothel, A Beauty And A Murderer!: Book #23 – by Raymond Cook

A-Brothel-A-Beauty-And-A-Murderer-Book-23“A Brothel, A Beauty And A Murderer!” © 2016 by Raymond Cook is a 227 page (Explicit Sexual Content) story about a 1899 gold mining town in Colorado called Silverton. With 40 gold and silver mines both large and small there were 20 men for every woman. 30 saloons and brothels catered to miners thirst and need for a woman for a couple of hours. Brothels and parlor houses were allowed within the Blair District which consisted of four square blocks.

The Blair House on Blair Street was one of the town’s fanciest brothels. Only wealthy men came to Jew Fanny’s parlor house. By keeping a low profile and discreet customers the madame avoided unwanted attention from the sheriff or her neighbors. Her parlor house was a very profitable business. Jewel hired only the most beautiful and willing women. One of Annabelle Bradford’s regular customers was Greg Jacobson, a very rich businessman.

When he left the brothel a short time later he bumped into a couple coming out of a general store with packages. All three people fell to the ground. After apologies and no harm done, everyone went their separate ways. Greg didn’t know the woman had stolen his wallet with thousands of dollars in it. When he realized his wallet was missing he thought Annabelle stole it. He returned to the brothel with a gun in his hand.

When he walked through the front door he shot and killed the bouncer and some of the women. He searched the brothel but in the melee Annabelle escaped down the back stairs. After finding where her ranch was, Greg tied her to a railroad tie. Camped nearby though is Henry Grant, an injured bounty hunter. He was shot by a wanted man he was trailing. When he heard her screams Henry saves her life. After he heals, Annabelle hires him to take her to Garnet, Montana where Greg fled to after selling his six saloons.

Notice: This book contains (Explicit) steamy romance with heavy sex, strong lust, intense passion and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Genre: Western, Fiction


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