A Spiral Of Echoes – by Barbara M. Hodges and Maggie Pucillo

A Spiral of Echoes – by Barbara M. Hodges

Six months after Isabelle Allen’s husband dies in bed with his latest lover, she is bombarded by her well-meaning friends attempt to hook her up with any eligible male. They just can’t accept that she doesn’t want another man in her life. As far as Isabelle is concerned love was for fools. In exasperation Isabelle packs her car, loads up her basset hound Sammi-Sue, her cat Longfellow and all three escape to Baja, Mexico. Baja, on the Sea of Cortez, beautiful beaches, long walks, vermillion sunsets and hours of time for Isabelle to re-discover her love of weaving. It’s a good plan, except for two things. An stubborn ghost who has fixated on Isabelle as a answer to her loneliness and Cristiano Casamiro. A fifteen-years-younger, Latino geologist specializing in volcanoes who has his own biases against Americanos. Cristiano is a man who makes her temper flare, her emotions flame and her heart sing.

Genre: Fantasy

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