A Summer To Be Treasured by James H. Barrett Jr.

Summer To Be Treasured – by James H. Barrett Jr.

For forty-five-year-old Josh “Rusty” O’Brien, it seems only a few years ago he was a young boy growing up in Oakwood Acres, Pennsylvania, a quiet suburb where everyone knew everyone. That thought takes him back to the summer of 1973, when he and his buddies were fifteen years old. Josh, Jake Thompson, Joey Flynn, and Walt McDonald were virtually inseparable; it was a summer to be treasured.

Their favorite pastimes were hanging out together and riding their dirt bikes in and around their small suburb, especially after Josh buys his 1969 Suzuki 250 Trail Bike. Bored with the same old track in town, the four plan a riding excursion that takes them farther from town into the rural area, past old man Simmons’ place, and out to the abandoned mine.

While checking things out, the four unexpectedly tumble into a twenty-foot hole. They spend the night in the hole, hoping and praying their parents will find them. But what happens during their eighteen-hour ordeal changes their lives.

Amazon Customer Book Review: “Imagine the excitement of a young teenage boy getting his first dirt bike, candy apple red with a black racing stripe. Now Josh (Rusty) can have a summer to treasure going on an adventure with his three best buddies.

Rusty grew up in a neighborhood where everybody knew each other; in a family that valued hard work and had a deep faith. The story takes place in Oakwood Acres during a simpler time. A time without smart phones, ipads and google glasses. A time when the outdoors, and one’s imagination, made up a day of activities. Boys being boys, they soon grew tired of the same games and yearned for more excitement. Rusty, Jake, Joey & Walt decided to take a day trip out past old Mr. Simmon’s place. Stories about the spooky property were passed down from older siblings. They knew they needed to be careful when venturing into his territory. But what happened that day will forever change the lives of these four boys for many years to come. This tight knit community learns much about each other, and knows how to come together in a time of need.

James Barrett has a great talent of storytelling and this book will keep you engaged from beginning to end. It is a story for all ages whether seeking adventure or a nostalgic journey back in time.” Anonymous

Genre: General Fiction, Inspirational

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