A Time Of Fear: Book Three In The Time Magnet Series – by Russell F. Moran

A-Time-of-FearIn a month, five American cities will be devastated by suitcase nuclear bombs.

The time travelers take on their old name, The Thanksgiving Gang.
• They know what will happen, because they travelled to the future.
• They know what the result will be. They’ve seen the devastation.
• They know the details. Five American Cities targeted by nuclear suitcase bombs.
• BUT they don’t know where the bombs are – and they don’t know how to find them.

The clock is ticking and millions will soon lose their lives – unless they find the bombs.

“A riveting, pulse-pounding nail-biter in the spirit of The Gray Ship and The Thanksgiving Gang. A Time of Fear will grip you and not let go, even after you finish the book.”

Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel

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