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Cold Coffee Press will be the best book promotion and author services company tailored for self-published and small publisher authors.

Core Values:

  • We consider authors first in our operation
  • We are dedicated to expanding the reader base of our authors
  • We continuously improve our work
  • We are accountable for our results
  • We conduct ourselves to the highest business and ethical standards


Writing your manuscript is a massive undertaking requiring passion, skill, and determination. After successfully navigating such a challenge, no author desires to remain in obscurity. Your book needs to be read.

As a self-published author, our founder created a website to promote her own books in 2007. Discovering that other authors shared similar struggles with finding effective means of book promotion, our vision for a promotion service was born. In 2009, Books In Sync was launched as a first step in fulfilling our vision. Cold Coffee Writer’s Magazine and the Cold Coffee Social Networking (Ning) was acquired 2011 (previous owner David Price) with an agreement to maintain the magazine’s name. This provided new means to promote our authors but by the close of 2012 it became apparent that it was time to refresh our vision for Books In Sync, refine our business plan, and to improve our technical execution.

In 2013, we began plans to reorganize our flagship site under the name Cold Coffee Press. Under the Cold Coffee brand we now have five Author/Book Promotional Websites.

Cold Coffee Press is our primary website. Our authors and their books are featured on all five of our websites.

Cold Coffee Café offers free promotion to all authors getting to know us and we feature our Cold Coffee Press Authors. The Book Cover and Book Trailer Contests are open to all members of the Café.

Cold Coffee Writer’s Magazine is our 24/7 Live Magazine where we feature our Cold Coffee Press Authors and they may submit articles, poetry, short stories, etc.

We acquired Author Meeting Place in 2014 (previous owner Anastasia Cassella-Young) with an agreement not to change the name. We are assessing the direction that we would like to go with this site in 2015.

eReader Paradise was founded in 2013 to provide free e-book promotion for authors and we feature our Cold Coffee Press Authors.

CCP Publishing Plus was founded in 2016 to provide new authors help with all their publishing and promotional needs.

The focus of Cold Coffee Press is the best author/book promotion at the most affordable price possible to our authors. We provide book reviews and a 30+ promotional placement Promotional Campaign for all our new authors and renewing authors.

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