Advance 3D Matrix Chess Games – by Siafa B. Neal

Advance 3D Matrix Chess: Book One, Volume One – by Siafa B. Neal

Siafa B. Neal is both an author and inventor.

‘Advance Chess – The Long. S.G.14 – Single Set Games, Book One Vol.1’ is the first book in this unique, one-of-a-kind 3-D Chess books with diagrams, drawings, illustrations and photos displaying key information about the game board. Included in this book one are detailed descriptions and equations that actual take you through 3 entire games of this in depth 3-D Matrix Chess.

The gamer needs to understand the fundamental aspects of conventional chess in order to digest 3-D Matrix Chess and enjoy playing the 3 games played out in this book. Whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate, Semi-Professional or Professional you will enjoy the concepts in this new, exciting Advance 3-D Matrix Chess book.

If you are a gamer who are bored with conventional chess and are ready to learn and experience the complexities and challenges of the intense psychological warfare of Matrix Chess, this book is for you. As a chess player this exciting new concept will help you acquire gaming knowledge about Advance 3-D Chess and to progress ahead of the learning curve well above the Masters and Grand-Masters of the classical games of conventional chess.

I invite you to enter the pseudo-dynamics and quasi-kinetics World of Chess in order to explore and to exhaust the opportunities to test the plasticity boundary limit ranges of their full spectrum cognitive elasticity cognition capabilities and potentialities. Gain a different perspective and test your to intelligence level for Logistics and Strategics Diagnostics and Prognostics Analysis.

The language of chess is indeed an expression of mathematical spatial relativity. Siafa B. Neal offers the world a legacy in his writing and pioneering efforts to advance the concepts of Advance 3-D Chess gaming in the hopes that his game inventions will be realized in the Olympic Sports arena where both humans and robots are competing participants. His dreams reach far into the future with Advance 3-D Chess serving as a recreational activity both here on earth and with colonists as man reaches further into space and inhabits other planets.

I endorse ‘Advance 3 – D Matrix Chess: The Long. S.G.14 – Single Set Games, Book One Vol.1’ – by Siafa B. Neal as the ultimate battle plan in war games. Review was completed on November 17th, 2014.

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