Advance Chess: Extrapolative Insights Book 2, Volume 4 – by Siafa B. Neal

Advance Chess: Extrapolative Insights Of The Double Set Game – by Siafa B. Neal

Chess may possibly be a learning tool to understand why a person respond to certain situations with peculiar behavioral characteristics when an opportunity is available or arises.

Typically anthropological societies have their settings in two types of archaeological communities; the farming communities and the hunting communities. The inferential context to the subject matter concerning chess which is open for discussion is that there are two types of chess players at each end of the kaleidoscopic spectrum.

The first type of chess players are those who employ tactical strategic planning (farming/gathering/harvesting) delays in the instant gratification of checkmating an opponent’s King(s).

The second type of chess players are those chess enthusiasts who position his/her pieces for an instant win (hunting type) resulting in a quick checkmate defeat of an opponent’s King(s).

The effects of the two types of playing techniques raises the awareness of the strategic notion of chess players who either play with a compassion ( the idea that winning the game(s) is not the only means to an end but rather viewed in the context of enhancing the involvement of the qualitative richness of the strategies. On the contrary the other strategic notion of play involves chess players who play with a passion (the predominance of the idea that winning is the only means to an end while disregarding the other aspects of the strategic domination of the game through qualitative and quantitative data spectral diagnostic and prognostic analysis).

The usage of the quality of playing strategies without precedence to winning or losing a match is a much more effective suggestive topic which is open for discussion. Such a topic may provide a descriptive narrative of the underlying causes of human behavioral characteristics pertaining to the possible application and implementation of a chess player’s logic strategic potentialities and capabilities with regards to and in accordance with the understanding of the set of Rules of Engagement or Detante.

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