Allure Of The Gypsies (Legends Of Windemere Book 3) – by Charles E. Yallowitz

Allure-Of-The-Gypsies-Legends-Of-Windemere-Book-3-by-Charles-E-YallowitzReeling from broken trust and a battered spirit, Luke leads his surviving friends to the town of Haven where his past will catch up with him.

While Luke faces his family and the woman he abandoned at the altar, his enemies have recruited a deadly ally.

Kalam the vampire marches on Haven with an army of undead that will leave a hero at death’s door.

To revive the fallen warrior, Luke and Nyx must plunge into the mountain lair of Kalam and steal his spell-book.

Exhausted and lost within enemy territory, the pair are going to need the help of a gypsy girl named Sari who may be more trouble than her new friends expected.

Against a strong and experienced adversary, what will Luke and Nyx need to claim victory on the charred battlefield?

Genre: Epic Fantasy

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