Anastasia Cassella-Young

Anastasia Cassella-Young

Tell us a little about yourself: I am married to a wonderful and caring man that I fell in love with at first sight…we were married 2 months later eleven years ago. I also have a son who loves the beautiful tourist town of Bar Harbor, Maine, where I was born. I attended high school in East Machias, Mane and college at the University of Maine at Machias (Maine).

I have traveled the eastern seaboard 4 times. In New York City I first learned to use a computer on a Wang system (most people don’t remember Wang) and each and every job thereafter taught me a new computer program for writing/typing.

My writing career started when I was in high school. I wrote poetry at that time and in the 90’s my aunt Theodocia McLean encouraged me to publish my poetry. After publishing the poetry book I wrote my short stories. The novels kept coming after that. I still have many more titles and ideas in my head…I still have the need to put pen to paper again.

Current Published Book Titles:
Anastasia’s Mind Fog
Home Cures For Health & Special Household Quick Tips
Justice Is Served
Letter to My Brother
Love At First Sight
Murder, Secrets And Injustice In A Small Town
Stalk Or Be Stalked
The Rogue Bear & Other Short Stories
The Seiners
Two Sides Of A Bi-Polar

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The Seiners by Anastasia Cassella-Young

The Seiners – by Anastasia Cassella-Young

What has Johnny Cavelli gotten himself into?

His peaceful, quiet Granite Island in Maine has become a battle zone for greed.

When Johnny calls Uncle Vittorio for some help he didn’t know that this help came with a price; a hefty price at that.

See how Johnny achieves control of Granite Island. Learn how Johnny fails to see the concept of asking bigger, badder men to help resolve some issues he’s having with Frank Miller.

Granite Island will never be the same peaceful, quiet island in Maine ever again.

Genre: Crime, Fiction


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