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| June 15, 2017

Clint-Adams-2015-Head-shot-resizedAlong with enjoying a peaceful life in rural Northern Nevada, Clint Adams is now marketing his first historical novel, EVANGELINE The Seer of Wall St.. His first novel for adults, a thriller: The Seventh Ritual, a race for survival. After having spent over a decade prior as a teen-fiction author, Clint leaves young adult publishing with a smile on his face…and lots of good memories.

Since the publication of his first novel, Just Say Mikey in 2002, Clint Adams has conducted dozens of his No Time for Fear workshops in an effort to help teens everywhere maintain that “I can do anything” attitude. In conjunction with these events, Clint actively marketed his three multicultural, fear-eliminating novels, Fear Ain’t All That, and its sequels, Don’t Be Afraid of Heaven and My Watch Doesn’t Tell Time. He has also authored numerous academic publications while at The Washington Post and McGraw-Hill publishing, and has been a member of the Authors Guild for over fifteen years.

Clint earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in drama from the University of California, Berkeley, studied creative writing at San Francisco State University and received his master’s degree in marketing from San Francisco’s Golden Gate University.


What makes you proud to be a writer from Nevada? I’m most proud that I’ve been at this for 20+ years, have given up a few times along the way, but I always come back. Very difficult to answer where I’m from. Born in Oakland, CA, became an Italian citizen ten years ago to predominantly market my books in Europe and now live in rural northern Nevada.

What or who inspired you to become a writer? I became a writer long ago to do nothing more than get the truth out.’ My adult thriller, THE SEVENTH RITUAL, evidences this. The author, Alice Walker, inspired me a great deal because I feel that her inspiration was identical to mine — thrilled to have met her at Kepler’s bookstore in Menlo Park, CA over twenty years ago; even more thrilled to see her smile once I told her, “You inspired me to write.”

When did you begin writing with the intention of becoming published? Again, I wrote with the intention of getting the truth out, not necessarily for pleasure. Having the truth published became a necessity for me. Now, I find great pleasure in the process of writing creatively.

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing and did you use it to your advantage? Absolutely. My upbringing was the sole content of THE SEVENTH RITUAL. Very little difference between fact and fiction in that one.

Do you come up with your title before or after you write the manuscript? I’d have to say during. Just like all other writers, I assume, titles change as the project takes shape. The title never ends up being the same one I thought it was going to be. A word of advice to folks starting out: Always research (Google) prospective titles before selecting one. Makes it too difficult to put out a book with a title that already exists.

Please introduce your genre and why you prefer to write in that genre? I’m now onto my third; historical fiction. After having completed 12 drafts of my current novel, EVANGELINE: The Seer of Wall St., I never would have imagined how much research has/needs to go into its development. As I mentioned, I’d also written an adult thriller, a screenplay adaptation of the same, and several novels for teens/young adults.

What was your inspiration, spark or light bulb moment that inspired you to write the book that you are seeking promotion for? Great question! EVANGELINE was always a back burner project, mainly because I’d believed for so long that I was related to its subject, Evangeline Adams. But, never did I think I’d have interest in writing about her (because I don’t do biographies)…until I’d read, what I believed to be, a fascinating tidbit about her in Wikipedia. It was indeed a light bulb that went off, telling me, “Now, there’s your story!” So, why not attempt historical fiction?

What has been your most rewarding experience with your writing process? For this particular book, spending three years getting to know one of America’s first female entrepreneurs, Evangeline Adams.

Have you had a negative experience in your writing career? If so please explain how it could have been avoided? MANY! Without question, seeking the approval/acceptance of a/any literary agent or publisher has been the most dis-empowering experience of my life. I’ll NEVER do it again. The dedication in EVANGELINE reads, “To those wise enough to know that yours is the only ‘yes’ that matters.” I hope this dedication will inspire other writers to know that they need no one else to make THEIR dream(s) come true.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your publishing journey? I have two. The first was my years having visited students in schools to promote my books. They were brilliant! The exchanges we had were priceless and they left impressions on me that will last a lifetime. I miss those kids. The second was, inevitably, getting the truth out via THE SEVENTH RITUAL (novel and screenplay). Not only was the experience cathartic, but the horror that had lived inside me was transferred from my body to someone else’s, a stranger’s, bookshelf. The truth no longer lived inside me; it was set free.

What one positive piece of advice would you give to other authors? Well, the obvious, keep going! But, going back to my current novel’s dedication, I’d tell young writers, “Don’t ever ask anyone else, ‘Do you like what I’ve written?’ If YOU like it, that’s all that matters. After 20+ years at this, the writing journey is for the writer alone. Whatever happens after publication is gravy…NOT the end result.”

Who is your favorite author and why? As I mentioned previously, Alice Walker. Or…anyone who tells a story in a voice I’ve never heard before. Don’t forget the old saying: “Every story’s already been told, but it’s the WAY it’s told that makes it new/fresh/interesting.” I’m paraphrasing, but I think you get it.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? Yes, don’t expect anything to happen overnight. Another thought: writing is a craft…it gets better with practice.

How many published books do you have? 6: one historical novel; one adult thriller; four young adult novels.

Which book title would you like featured in this interview? EVANGELINE: The Seer of Wall St. — now out in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and non-Kindle eBook editions. Audio version to come.


Author’s Published Books
Don’t Be Afraid of Heaven
EVANGELINE: The Seer of Wall St
Fear Ain’t All That
Just Say Mikey
My Watch Doesn’t Tell Time
The Seventh Ritual

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EVANGELINE: The Seer of Wall St. by Clint Adams

The stars are infallible; one’s true destiny cannot be altered. Or can it?

A descendant of presidents John and John Quincy Adams, and the black sheep of her family, astrologer Evangeline Adams flees provincial Boston in 1899 to launch her business in New York City. On the train ride, she casts her own horoscopic chart. Her findings–death on November 10, 1932 and an unusual intimate union–alarm her. Soon after, she meets actress and suffragist Emma Sheridan-Fry, and she spends the rest of her life torn between society’s restrictions and the trail-blazing nature that made her one of the most prominent female businesswomen of her time.

Peopled with real historical figures, including J.P. Morgan, King Edward VII, Enrico Caruso, Rudolph Valentino, Charles Schwab, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Sheridan-Fry (who was known to have been a “companion” of Evangeline’s) and occult figure Aleister Crowley, Evangeline The Seer of Wall St. immerses readers in a New York populated with the Wall Street wealthy and the downtrodden, all of whom visited Evangeline’s Carnegie Hall office.

Book Review

EVANGELINE-The-Seer-of-Wall-St.-by-Clint-Adams“Six thousand five hundred and seventy days remain in my life, according to my astrological calculations.” This is a quote from Evangeline Adams who becomes famous as the seer of Wall Street. Not only is she a descendant of President John Quincy Adams, she one of America’s first female entrepreneurs.

Author Clint Adams has learned through thousands of hours of research and development that he is not part of Evangeline Adams’ lineage. His diligent research births this incredible historical fiction based on facts that he presents extremely well while telling Evangeline Adams’ life as an American astrologist.

Evangeline navigates adversity at the threshold of the Twenty Century in American society where women just acquired the right to vote, where women were not acknowledged as business professionals and where astrology was kept in the shadows due to “witchcraft” references by the religious and sometimes elite.

To help you understand that Evangeline is not a fortuneteller here are a couple of quotes from Evangeline herself as she explains differences between astronomy and astrology to a judge.

“Astronomy is the study of all objects outside our world. It, too, is a science. Astronomy, you could say, came from astrology. Yes, you are correct when you mentioned interpretation. Astrology is the oldest, most ancient, of all sciences.”

“Yes. Astrology is the science which describes the influence of the heavenly bodies upon mundane affairs, upon human character and life. To be most clear-cut, it is a mathematical or exact science deciphered via astronomy, which describes the heavenly bodies and explains their motions, etc.”

If you have an interest in history as it relates to the mindset of the most powerful people on Wall Street and on the world stage this is a must read. Learn how astrology influenced the business decisions that have affected trade, commerce and currency, influence and wealth in America and around the world.

Real life influential people including J.P. Morgan, King Edward VII, Enrico Caruso, Rudolph Valentino, Charles Schwab, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Emma Sheridan-Fry (who was known to have been a ‘companion’ of Evangeline’s) and occult figure Aleister Crowley sought the expert advice from “Evangeline: The Seer of Wall St.”

Get to know Miss Evangeline Adams’ life, business, relationships, romance and internal struggles for answers of her own. This is an interesting quote from Evangeline. “What can be understood is what the stars have in store, the free will we possess and how it affects our destiny. But the ways in which the Almighty intervenes is a concept that left even me baffled. Speaking to clergy had led me nowhere, since every member I’d ever sought out had refused interaction with me. This was what upset me most, for my beloved astrology to be confused with demonology, in addition to me time and time again being written off. How very unfair.”

Theodocia McLean endorses EVANGELINE: The Seer of Wall St. by Clint Adams for his ability to bring the reader into this period of time in U.S. History where Evangeline’s services were not commercial entertainment, but surprisingly essential and routine for our country’s, and the world’s, most influential people. I purchased and reviewed this book from a Kindle format. This review was completed on June 22, 2015.

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