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All packages include music, sound effects, custom titles and quality royalty-free media. You will get at least 2 rounds of revisions. We work from full video mockups, so there are no surprises.

  • Snap Package: $199.00 – 1 minute video with still images.
  • Snap Plus Package: $275.00 – 1 minute video with still images and live video clips.
  • Touchstone Package: $499.99 – 2 minute video with still images and live video clips
  • Simply Animation Package: $425.00 – 2 minute video with simple animations for showcasing picture books.
  • Add a professional voice narration to any of the above packages for $200.00
  • Narration Package: $900.00 – 5 minute video. Includes professional voice narration. This package is designed for an excerpt reading.
  • Animation Reigns Package: Starting at $1,200.00. – 2 minute, fully animated video.

Here Are Some Samples:

Snap Video Package



Snap Plus Video Package

The Skirmish




Mutant Specimen L


Touchstone Video Package

Aria: Left Luggage


Finance Your Own Business


Simply Animation Video Package

A Moment in Time


Little Man in the Map


EBook Conversions

  • eBook Conversion to mobi (for Amazon Kindle): $60.00
  • eBook Conversion to ePub (for iBooks, Kobo, Sony & others): $60.00
  • eBook Conversion to PDF: $60.00
  • Picture Book eBook Conversion to ePub (for iBooks, Kobo, Sony & others): $115.00
  • Picture Book eBook Conversion to mobi (for Amazon Kindle): $115.00
  • Texbook (ask for quote)


Manuscript Editing

  • Proofreading: $6.50 (per thousand words)
  • Line/Copy Editing: $15.00 (per thousand words)
  • Developmental Editing: $18.00 (per thousand words)
  • Query Critique: $25.00
  • Synopsis Creation: $250.00
  • Plot Sketch: $250.00
  • Ghost Writing: (ask for quote)


Promotional Material Design

  • Social Media Billboards: $25.00
  • Bookmark Design: $55.00
  • Business Card Design: $75.00
  • Web Banner Ad Design: $75.00
  • Rack Card Design: $85.00
  • Flyer Design: $95.00
  • Postcard Design: $99.00
  • Brochure Design: $125.00
  • Printing services available or take your design to your favorite printer.


Bundled Packages Available


Kim McDougall Group

Kim McDougall Is Co-Owner Of Castelane Inc.

Kim McDougall is an author, fiber artist and photographer with a BA in English Literature from Concordia University.

As co-founder of Castelane Inc, Kim has produced 400+ book video trailers.

Kim writes for children under her married name, Kim Chatel. She has 6 children’s books in print, including the EPPIE Award-Winning, Rainbow Sheep.

Writing as Kim McDougall, her fiction crosses boundaries, from fantasy and romance into the literary. She draws from mythology, history and current events to build unique worlds and peoples them with characters she would love to know better. Sometimes, the bad guy steals the show.

Visit to meet Kim’s unique characters. Beware. Some of them bite.


Hibernaculum by Kim McDougall

A post-apocalyptic thriller with bite.

Safari business is booming. Inside the Dome, people feast, create, laze. Most are content in the self-contained ecosystem.

The builders of the Dome are long dead. Their great-great-grandchildren keep telling of the Wild alive, but stories have rotted to mystery, then to legend.

A few discontents walk the perimeter of the Dome gazing into the horizon. They know the wheat fields, forests and mountains are fake. They all know.

The false vista is a comfort except to those who burn to know what truly lies beyond. Those find tiny holes, gaps in waste control and ventilation. Their defection endangers everyone and the Grand Duke vows to plug the holes with the bodies of deserters.

Still the Wild calls.

Includes 2 bonus tales: Luminari and Barbegazi.


Cold Coffee Press Book Review for Hibernaculum by Kim McDougall

Post-apocalyptic thrillers like ‘Hibernaculum’ are science fiction or horror that has evolved from a global catastrophe.

Author Kim McDougall uses her descriptive writing skills along with a vivid imagination to draw her readers into a new world order within a self-contained ecosystem under a Dome. The problem is, humans have never been content to stay in one place or be told they can’t explore outside their own known existence. In one respect life under the Dome is no different from villages, town and cities throughout history where stories are passed down from generation to generation. However, the stories from under the Dome have morphed into legends that bring out thrill seekers.

As with any boundaries; cracks, leaks, holes, tunnels and even lines can be stretched when there is great financial reward. Cross is an exceptional coyote within the Safari business because he promises the ultimate “Wild” adventure to enthusiasts like Alex and Mindy.

I am so careful not to spoil the story, when I include a quote to show the authors style. Here is the quote that I selected.

“Soon the trees thinned. They stood in a vast desert of crumbled stone. Humidity blew in from the South, bringing scents of growing things.

“What’s that stench?” asked Mindy. “Smells like rot.”

Alex unbuttoned his shirt collar and wiped his face with a clean hankie.

“That must be the Santa Ana.” He thumbed through several screens on a Touch, looking for the entry. “Here it is. Santa Ana: a hot wind that emerges from the sun- baked Great Basin between the Sierras and the Rocky Mountains and pours into California.” He stumbled over an old tire, buried in the dirt. “Are we near California?”

“We’re in the Wild,” said Cross. “It’s all the same.”

“I bet it’s the Santa Ana. Look there are the mountains.” He pointed to a mound in the distance with the sun setting behind. A herd of sure-footed grazers clambered over the craggy mound, their awkward bodies silhouetted against the fading sky.

“Look!” Mindy gasped. “Beasts! Are they dangerous?”

“Only if you’re made of grass,” said Cross.

They stopped to watch the sun set. Arms linked, Mindy put her head on Alex’s shoulder.”

This seems tame enough, right? Allow Cross to take you along with Alex and Mindy into the Wild. Somethings you encounter along the way might seem predictable given your intelligence, but I assure you that somethings are unforeseen and unimaginable.

As a bonus the author includes two more short stories titled Luminari: For the Vampire that has everything and Barbegazi: When the White Death calls, who will answer?

Cold Coffee Press Endorses Hibernaculum by Kim McDougall as a sci-fi thriller. Kim is a diverse author with seven available published books found on Amazon. We reviewed this book from Kindle/PDF format. The review was completed on March 17, 2016. For more information please visit Cold Coffee Press and Cold Coffee Cafe



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For the self-published author, publisher or publicist looking for a personalized, transparent experience with seamless communication, great prices and quick turnarounds – you can feel confident about working with Castelane.

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