Carol Desforges

Carol Desforges

Carol Desforges holds degrees in biology and education from the University of Rhode Island, and over the years she has worn a variety of career hats: primary and secondary educator, dietitian, nursing home administrator, home care coordinator, sales associate, secretary, and bank teller.

In the past, Desforges spent her time volunteering in her local community tutoring teens and adults, managing religious organizations, working suicide prevention hot lines, running adoption support groups, and leading Girl Scout troops. Now, she writes novels, teaches Mah Jongg, and runs statewide tournaments for the game. The Pinning and Behind Closed Doors are the first two books in her Shugrinsky family saga series.

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Behind Closed Doors by Carol Desforges

Behind Closed Doors – by Carol Desforges

Behind Closed Doors delves into the dark secrets of the Shugrinsky family following the desperate path of the manipulative mother Naomi as she runs from her past demons and copes with her day to day struggles.

The first book in the Shugrinsky family saga series, The Pinning, focused on Elizabeth breaking free from her dysfunctional family; now learn more about her mother’s tragic story in Behind Closed Doors.
Elizabeth would be the first to tell you that Naomi is not an ideal mother: she is manipulative and controlling, and she appears to be unraveling fast. But Naomi has survived tragedy before, and now she’s struggling to do so again.

When her suicide attempt doesn’t extract her from her painful marriage like she’d planned, Naomi finally opts to divorce Jesse. But with her history, she worries how she will be able to keep custody of Elizabeth and Mary. And even beyond the legal matters, how can she maintain a relationship with her daughters when everything she does seems to twist into something bad?

Naomi’s story travels back and forth from the 1940s through the 1970s, building the taut and bitter web that makes up her life. All it takes is for one string to snap before her world collapses around her, and the fallout won’t just affect her…

Behind Closed Doors is filled with tragedy and suspense, yet it leaves a small ray of hope for the Shugrinsky family by the end.

Cold Coffee Review: ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is a stand-alone book in the Shugrinsky’s family saga. ‘The Pinning’ (first book in the series) was Elizabeth’s story. ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is Naomi’s story (Elizabeth’s mother).

Naomi graduated from Columbia Law School in the 1940s but in a desperate attempt to leave her parents’ home she marries an affluent man named Jesse. Her story reflects many women’s history in the forties who succumb to their husband’s wishes for them to stay home and raise the children.

Needless to say, her dysfunctional childhood carries over into her relationship with her husband and children. On top of Naomi’s internal struggles is her acute awareness of her husband’s drinking and philandering.

Naomi’s emotional struggles take a toll on her and whenever any form of mental illness is added to family dynamics there are repercussions. Woven into every family are secrets that stay hidden behind closed doors.

Quote from the book jacket: “A novel drenched in drama and suspense”.

I think one should read ‘The Pinning’ first and follow up with ‘Behind Closed Doors’ (or buy both together) to get a deeper understanding of each woman’s story.

I, endorse Behind Closed Doors  by Carol Desforges. Review posted in August 2014.

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