CCP Computer Maintenance Service

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Cold Coffee Press Computer Maintenance Service


Is Your Computer Running Slow, Unwanted Pop-Ups and Unwanted System Changes?


We Have Already Earned Your Trust (we already promote your book), Why Not Let Us You With Your Computer Maintenance.

Step One:

  • We need an email from you stating your need for this service.
  • In the email we need your full name, phone number and what you believe are your computer issues.

Step Two:

  • We will send you a work service contract invoice through Pay Pal (they accept E-Check, Debit and Credit Cards).
  • Our Fee: Each Work Contract Invoiced Session Cost $75.00.
  • No refunds once we have entered your computer on your invite.
  • We are not responsible or accountable for any damage that a Virus and/or Trojans has already done to your system before you invite us in.

Step Three:

  • You need to be available by phone (USA and Canada Only) and Computer (the computer that we will be working on) and In order for us to begin the work.

Safety and Security is extremely important to us.

  • We will not do anything on your computer that we don’t already do on our computers.
  • We use a trusted service where you invite us into your computer.
  • We insist that you watch us while we work and talk with us over the phone insuring that you understand and approve of everything that we are doing.
  • We only work on computer with Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • When we ask you for information, we will tell you why we need it.
  • If you are uncomfortable with anything, we will teach you how to end the service.

What You Can Expect:

  • We will do maintenance on your computer.
  • We will clean your registry.
  • We will scan for a virus or spyware.
  • We will teach you as we go, so you can learn how to do regular maintenance and keep your computer running to its peek performance.
  • Each computer system and version of windows is different. We will work to bring your computer system back up to your system’s capacity.

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Dear Theodocia,

Sandra Masters 2This is a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed our long session yesterday and especially the fact that you taught me so many tips I didn’t know about in using my software program. It was a revelation.

You guided me in the process for maintaining my computer in top notch form in order to avoid viruses which are so prevalent now. It was hard to believe the hours went so quickly as “we” worked together on cleaning out the “documents” file that accumulated over the years. I try to work on them each day until my files are reduced to a better number.

I use the CC Cleaner you recommended daily at the end of my day and rest in the assurance that you will always be there to help me in the future.

Thank you.

March 30, 2016

SANDRA MASTERS aka Sandra McCart

Sandra Masters-4 Group Photo