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Cold Coffee Press Publishing Assistance For Cold Coffee Press Authors

Do you want to save money publishing your first book, next book or second edition?

As A Publishing Coach It Is Our Job To Get Your Manuscript Ready To Be Published In Both Print and E-Book.

Here Is A List Of What We Can Do For You As You:

Publishing: We do not charge to assist you with publishing your book on Amazon.

Formatting: We charge $2.00 per manuscript per page (single spaced) to format your book ready for print.

  • Add simple header and simple footer.
  • Add page numbers.
  • Help you with Title Page and Table of Contents.
  • Make sure that your line spacing is correct.

Editing: We do a simple edit (look for common mistakes), so make sure that your manuscript is ready to publish before sending it over to us.

  • We transfer your word (manuscript) into a PDF format for printing.

Book Cover: We will create a simple book cover for you at no additional charge.

  • We place a short description/book review on your back cover.

Images: We charge a small licensing fee for any the image that we purchase for your book cover and any images that you need us to put inside your book.

Print and E-Book Publishing: We assist you in getting your book published in Print and E-Book on Amazon.

  • We make sure that your book is assigned the right category (genre).
  • We make sure that if your book is part of a series that it is listed correctly.
  • We help you with key words.
  • We help you get your ISBN/ASIN (book identification numbers).

Copyright: You retain your copyright.

Royalties: You retain the rights to all the book royalties.


As A Promoter It Is Our Job To Get Your Book The Online Visibility:

  • We ask that you join our Cold Coffee Press website for $250.00 (no annual renewals). If you are a Cold Coffee Press Author and this is a new book, the cost of promotion is reduced to $125.00.
  • We have 8 promotional websites geared towards self-published authors and avid readers where we will promote you and your new book.
  • We have multiple blogs where we will promote your new book.
  • We have many social media account where we will promote your new book.
  • The promotions that we do for you will be indexed and never removed.
  • We work hard to make publishing and promoting easy.
  • We work hard to bring you success. We can’t promise sales, but we can promise to bring you online exposure.

Please read the page at this link to learn about all the benefits of your membership:

We use Pay Pal Invoicing (e-check, debit and most credit cards).

Read Our Authors, Readers and Associates Testimonials (this link takes you to another website).

Let us answer all your questions and then you decide,

Cold Coffee Press (CCP) and Cold Coffee Cafe Owner: Theodocia McLean