Cheyenne’s Destiny!: Book #5 – by Raymond Cook

Cheyenne's Destiny! Book #5Cheyenne’s Destiny! is a 229 page story about Frank Kincaid; his wife, Cassandra along with his 24 year old son, Morgan and his 21 year old daughter Cheyenne who arrived in Marble, Colorado in 1894. To Frank, settling near the mining town of Marble made perfect sense. Marble was near the towns of Carbondale and Redstone and a bit further away was Denver. The area was booming with both settlers and businesses.

One thing ranchers and townsfolk’s had in common was that most needed a horse to get from ranches to towns and to the mines. Three years later, Frank had no idea that on that spring morning horse thieves would attack his ranch to steal his quarter horses, killing everyone but his daughter.

As a handsome cowboy made his way down the mountain he saw the rustler’s attack their ranch and raced down the trail to save the family. Carl Jackson was able to kill the rustler’s but only Cheyenne was found alive, near death. She was bleeding very badly and he had no time to lose if he was to save her life. Little did either of them realize that love would grow out of his compassion for her and his love for horses.

Genre: Western, Fiction

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