Coyote Zone – by Kathryn Lane

Second book of the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series.

Coyote Zone (A Nikki Garcia Thriller) – by Kathryn Lane

Nikki Garcia is an unlikely Sam Spade: a former international auditor turned private investigator who lands an assignment in Mexico to find a missing ten-year-old girl, Bibi Lombardi. The child’s estranged parents have been fighting over custody of her and one of them could be responsible for her disappearance. It’s an easy child-snatching case—right?

Nikki thinks so until a marijuana-smoking bag lady provides eye-witness information on the girl’s abduction. Following the lead, Nikki pursues a group of dangerous criminals through designated UNESCO locations, archaeological sites, picturesque colonial towns, and barren deserts. But when Bibi’s mother Sofía receives a ransom request, Nikki is already undercover with a gang of “Coyotes.”

Nikki’s boss and fellow private eye, Floyd Webber, thinks she is on the wrong trail. Floyd is certain someone purposely gave her misleading information on the abduction to prevent her from recovering the child. Or is the kidnapper headed north to the U.S. border where Bibi’s fate could be much worse than her current situation?

Eduardo Duarte, who is enthralled with Nikki, fears the forces of evil will prevail if she continues in the search, so he starts a search of his own to find her. Will he locate her before it’s too late? And what will become of little Bibi?

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

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Kathryn Lane

About The Author: Kathryn Lane, Author of the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series.

Award winning author, Kathryn Lane writes fiction inspired by Latin American cultures she experienced firsthand during her career as an international finance executive. Her debut novel, Waking Up in Medellin, was released by Pen-L Publishing in 2016 and will be followed up with a second novel, Coyote Zone, in 2017. An anthology of Kathryn’s short stories, Backyard Volcano, is scheduled to be released in March 2017 by Alamo Bay Press.

Kathryn has been awarded top honors for her novel Waking Up in Medellin by the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) with a 2016 Pinnacle Award for Fiction.  She is also the 2016 recipient of the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance’s Montie Award for Pursuit of Excellence, Kathryn also serves on the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council. In 2016, the Rotary Club of The Woodlands honored her with her second Paul Harris award for service to the community.

Kathryn’s short stories have also been published in Alamo Bay Writers Anthology; The Texas A&M New Border Voices: An Anthology; Arriba Baseball! from VAO Publishing and Swirl Literary Journal from Lone Star College-Montgomery Campus.

The Association of Writing & Writing Programs (AWP) featured Kathryn as a reader on the panel of Arriba Baseball! in Seattle in February2014.

For the past three years, Kathryn has served on the panel of judges at Carver High School’s finals in the Poetry Out Loud contest. Her own poetry has been published in numerous anthologies, journals and two chapbooks, A Conversation on India and Spirit Rocks.

She resides in The Woodlands, Texas, with her husband, Bob Hurt.

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