Curse Of The Dark Wind (Legends Of Windemere Book 6) – by Charles E. Yallowitz

Curse-Of-The-Dark-Wind-Legends-Of-Windemere-Book-6-by-Charles-E.-YallowitzWith every putrid belch, Gale Hollow spews more of the toxic Dark Wind into the winter-chilled breeze.

To control Nyx, Stephen has unleashed a sentient curse on Luke, her ‘little brother’. As the infected warrior battles against the Dark Wind coursing through his veins, his friends will do whatever it takes to keep him alive. Time is steadily running out and sacrifices will have to be made to prevent Stephen from removing two heroes of Windemere.

Luke’s courage and defiance have always seen him through his adventures, but where will he find strength when his own body fails him?

Genre: Epic Fantasy

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