Death Followed The U. S. Deputy Marshal!: Book #6 – by Raymond Cook

Death-Followed-The-U.-S.-Deputy-Marshal-Book-6Death Followed The U. S. Deputy! is a 209 page story about a Deputy U. S. Marshal by the name of Arabella Simmons. As Arabella and another Deputy Marshal ride into a small mining town called Marble, they enter town just as Jim Yarborough’s gang robs the bank. Her partner and over half of the gang is killed and Arabella even though wounded, she captures the gang’s leader. But the gang isn’t about to let their boss hang.

Just as the town is burying all its citizens who were killed during the botched bank robbery, the gang hires a dozen men to attack the jail and break out their boss. But Arabella and the sheriff figured that would be the “perfect time” they’d hit the bank and had a trap set. All but one of the men is killed. Arabella and her prisoner have to “heal” before they can make the journey back to Denver.

But as she is escorting him back for trial; she sees that she is being hunted by five of Jim’s gang and she decides to head cross-country to lose them. When a sudden blizzard hits her, she barely makes it to a rancher’s cabin, where Jim attacks her and injures her. She and her prisoner must wait for the snow storm to pass as she heals. Marlin is a widowed rancher and decides to travel with Arabella on her journey to reach Carbondale and the train to Denver. Their feelings for each other begin to grow.

Jim’s gang decides they’re gonna cut down a tree across the railroad tracks and take Jim by force. On their way to Carbondale, Arabella is jumped by a cougar and for the second time, Marlin saves the woman’s life. After the gang blocks the train and threatens to burn the train; they free their leader. Marlin and Arabella head out to recapture her prisoner. Once the rest of his gang is killed and Jim is back in custody, Arabella will resign and travel back to Marble where she will marry and settle down with Marlin.

Genre: Western, Fiction

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