Death Rides On Three Horses!: Book #3 – by Raymond Cook

Death-Rides-On-Three-Horses-Book-3Life in the Colorado Territory was often times cruel and harsh.

Death Rides On Three Horses! is a 219 page story about Annie Coulter, the wife of a gunfighter by the name of Daniel “Big Dan” Coulter who bought a homestead in the Crystal River Valley outside Marble, Colorado in 1877. For three years they both worked the land raising cattle and horses. Daniel had tried to leave his past life as a gunfighter behind. But “Reputations” follow a man even years later, especially when it came to killing someone’s friend.

In 1875, while in the a Brodie, California saloon called “The Double Eagle”, another gunfighter by the name of Bill Martin pushed Dan out of the way as he entered the saloon and a gunfight ensued. Bill was fast, there was never a doubt in anyone’s eyes, but “Big Dan” was faster. Three holes in the chest of Bill settled the dispute. Sometimes those who died had relatives or friends who chose to take revenge against the one who walked away alive.

In this case, Bill Martin’s brother and 2 friend’s are out to “Even the score.” When they rode back into Cheyenne three weeks later from a cattle drive and learned of their friend’s death, they set out to find Dan Coulter if they had to search three states to do it. After finding “Big Dan” outside Marble Colorado; they kill Dan and beat and rape Annie. The problem was…. “They let her live” and now Annie is out to track each one of them down and kill them for murdering her husband and raping her.

From the Author
This is the third ebook from a series of 22 eBooks I have written about pioneer families living in the Colorado territory in the 1890’s. If you love westerns as much as I do, you’ll enjoy the emotions and characters I have tried to capture in all of my books. So sit back, relax and enjoy Death Rides Upon Three Horses!

Genre: Western, Fiction

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