Down and Dirty: A “how to” Math Book by Phyllis Hunsinger

Down and Dirty: A “how to” Math Book by Phyllis Hunsinger

Student mastery of math continues to decline as demonstrated by the increasing numbers of students requiring remediation prior to enrolling in college math classes.

College professors admit that far too many students do not know how to do basic math computations.

Math textbooks used in schools today spend an inordinate amount of time having students discover mathematical principles. The discovery approach is analogous to having the student learn to program a computer as opposed to learning how to use the computer as a tool. I believe math is a tool used to solve problems.

This is a Down and Dirty “How To” Math Book covering a review of the number systems and basic operations up to and including the fundamental tenets of algebra. There are “how to” instructions followed by examples. The glossary serves as the index, providing definitions and page links to words. There is also a listing of useful math terms and definitions not specifically covered in the text.

Parents and students alike will benefit from this “how to” approach to mastery of basic math concepts. Parents, as they help their students with math, sometimes need a review of how to perform certain operations.

Students studying for the ACT, SAT, or college entrance exams often need a review of fundamental processes. This book is designed to review “how to” do the math.

Cold Coffee Review: Whether you are studying for the ACT, SAT (college entrance exams), a parent who needs to encourage your student in math comprehension or even going back to school yourself, this book needs to be in your hands.

Power packed ninety-nine pages of “how-to” instructions and examples provide a math refresher to get your synapsis firing with the logic of math.

Start with Mathematical Operations, Fractions, Ratios and Proportions. Review Decimals, Percent, Measurements and Formulas.

Move on with Statistics, Venn Diagrams, Sequences, and Inequalities. Tackle all things Algebra including Algebraic Expressions and Equations, Positive and Negative Numbers, Laws of Exponents, Monomials and Polynomials, Factoring Algebraic Expressions, Quadratic Equations, Radicals, System of Equations and Graphing.

End with informational sections including How to Identify Symbols, nine page Glossary and Useful Math Terms and Definitions.

The logic of math is the very essence and beginning for all learning. A student well-grounded in math is a student who can solve problems and expand his or her education into marketable areas where they can be sought after by the world’s employers.

I endorse Down and Dirty: A “how to” Math Book by Phyllis Hunsinger as a math refresher reference guide for high school, college students and adults seeking to go back to school. This book was given to us to review in an easy to use spiral bound book format. The review was completed on September 5, 2015.

Genre: Educational, Math Reference Book, Self-Help, Non Fiction

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