Emily’s Other Face – by Jennifer Robins

Emily’s Other Face – by Jennifer Robins

Emily wakes in clothes other than the ones she wore to bed. It’s as though she’d got out of bed and went somewhere and don’t remember. What’s happening while she sleeps? Could she be sleep walking, or is there something more sinister going on? Her problem stems back to her childhood, only its become more intense as she became older. Afraid to make a commitment to the man she loves, Marshal a successful attorney helps her by taking her to a psychiatrist who hypnotizes her and suspects multiple personalities, but there’s a surprise waiting for Emily and it scares her until she confronts the situation with courage and the help of a psychic.

With fluttering eye lashes she woke, rubbed the sleep from her eyes with the back of her hand then stared down at her chest and arms. She was no longer in those sweet pink PJ’s, but had on an old pair of jeans, a sweat shirt and tennis shoes. Not again, she shouted. She pushed forward and sprang to her feet while setting her hand to her head to apply pressure to relieve the pounding headache that made its presence known. What time is it? She thought as she made her way to the bathroom. I can’t be late, not today. What happened this time while I was asleep? She kept her hand on her head. Oh, my head. She struggled down the hallway.

She hit the light switch on the wall on her way to the mirror over the double sinks. A not so pretty image looked back at her. Pale white face, squinting red eyes, hair hanging loose around her shoulders and she smelled of cigarette smoke.

Hands shaking she reached for the faucet and turned the cold water on, scooped it up in her hands and splashed it on her face. Fear brought her almost to the point of panic. She pushed away from the sink and held her head down so she wouldn’t throw up. She needed to recoup and straighten up so she could get on with the busy day ahead, although she didn’t know how she could after another night like this.

Cold water on her eyes, soothing herbal tea, a few more aspirins to help her out of the stupor she was in. She couldn’t loose another day of work.

Under the shower, she lathered and scrubbed her body to rid it of the awful smell she woke up to. Nothing even seemed familiar of what went on during the night. Where had she been, what did she do? It was like trying to look through a heavy thick fog.

Genre: Paranormal (Supernatural)


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