English – A Comprehensive Course: Grades 3 to 5 – by Kathi Wyldeck

English Comprehensive: 3-5 – by Kathi Wyldeck

This comprehensive English course is designed for children in Grades 3 to 5, for upper-elementary to intermediate ESL students, for remedial pupils who need more practice with basic skills, and for students who study at home. Every chapter consists of grammar, reading comprehension, phonic spelling, vocabulary, conversation, writing practice, and general knowledge. At the back of the book are several extra sections including handy phrases for ESL students, extra writing topics, a phonics summary, dictations, a book-list, and answers to all the exercises. This book is based on the “Essential English” series, but is an updated version, in a larger format and with the addition of general knowledge.

Genre: Other, Education & Reference

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