Escaping Reality – by Geoff Nelder

Escaping Reality – by Geoff Nelder

Escaping Reality is a humorous thriller set in Northern Britain and Amsterdam.

The story opens with musician Gerry Ricketts having his face pushed into a water-filled gutter by a large policewoman. He is under arrest.

After a quick trial, Ricketts is sentenced to ten years in Stonelodge Prison for a jewel robbery he did not commit.

Determined to discover who framed him, Ricketts begins plotting his escape. It won’t be easy.

Stonelodge is a Category B prison, old and smelly, with heavy security. His luck finally turns when he enters into a sexual relationship with Wendy, the prison librarian.

He finally makes his escape, hiding out in the Northumberland moors, and eventually reaches Amsterdam. But the plot that landed him in prison is bigger than he knows, and his troubles are just beginning as he struggles to stay one step ahead of the law and clear his name.

Genre: Action & Adventure

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