Evil Lives In Blue Rock – by Lila L. Pinord

Evil Lives In Blue Rock – by Lila L. Pinord

Evil Lives In Blue Rock is the age-old tale of good vs. evil with a twist.

Lucien Bluerock, a descendant of the town’s fathers, lives in his gloomy mansion on a hill overlooking “his” town. Benjamin, his grandson, returns to Blue Rock, along with Agate Mitchell—a childhood friend—to attend his mother’s funeral.

They soon learn that the Riverman, Evil Spirit, Bad Tomanous—it has many names, but is known throughout history—the ANCIENT MENACE is loose, crawled up out of the sea where powerful shaman have kept it contained for many years.

The atrocities begin upon the people of Blue Rock and members of the Quail River Reservation when the Evil Spirit inhabits the body of Jimmy Talltree, the local tribal policeman.

It is all the chosen few with “the power” can do to force the Evil One back into the sea from whence it came, using ancient rites and ceremonies handed down through the generations. Only the gods know if they have succeeded in their endeavor to rid this earth of the anti-Christ.


Lila Pinord has followed up Skye Dancer with a barn burner of a second book- it’s both creepy and fascinating. — Gene Woodwick, reviewer – Canoe People’s Bookshelf

Genre: Fiction

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