Flights Of Fancy: Volume 1 (SE) – by Dawn Huffaker

Flights Of Fancy: Volume 1 (SE) – by Dawn Huffaker

This is the maiden flight for Flights of Fancy. It is the first volume of my poetry, and encompasses a selection of poems written over the past twenty-five years. My home is in the mountains of southwestern New Mexico. The pines and junipers are my neighbors. Mountains touch the sky outside my window. The inspiration for many of these poems comes from here. Inside these pages, are many kinds of flights. Each is designed to showcase an aspect of life. From the joy of life, to the beauty of nature, to the sadness of loss, it is recorded here. By sharing these, may you see that life is very awe-inspiring. Each moment is so precious. Time passes too fast when one is distracted. Enjoy!

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‘Flights of Fancy’ is a collection of poetry by the very talented Dawn Huffaker. The name of this volume was derived from the series of `flights’, or chapters, each of which was inspired by a variety of forms of nature. The author portrays the gamut of emotions, from joy to sadness, beauty to observations of both humans and nature. The majority of her poetry was inspired by the scenic views of southwestern New Mexico so abundant outside the windows of her home.

‘Flights of Fancy’ represents poems which were written over a period of 25 years in the author’s life. Topics range from the various phases of her life to three of her greatest loves – God, rodeo, and computers. Using several different poetic schemes, Ms. Huffaker has created a collection which is always inspirational, deft at portraying particular images, and evocative of higher emotions.

The best pieces in this book, in my opinion, are those about nature. As those of us who love New Mexico know, the state presents a unique majesty of natural beauty and the evidence of God’s skillful touch in designing magnificent glory. The author is quite skillful in describing this splendor just right: “soft purple glow/whispers across the sky/as the sun yawns/and exits the day; soft pink glow/nudges the stars/from the dance floor/and sends them off to bed.”

I love these lines and their personification of celestial bodies.

Reading the poetic lines in Flights of Fancy makes me wish I were in New Mexico once again and able to view it through the author’s eyes; as she writes:

“I live on the shoulder/of a sleeping giant/his nightshirt is made/ of the junipers/and pines.”

‘Flights of Fancy’ is a truly touching and beautiful work sure to provide inspiration to anyone who reads it.

4/09 Reviewed by Candace Morehouse, author of Golden Enchantment –Reading New Mexico.

Genre: Poetry

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