Fresh Off The Starship – by Ann Crawford

5 stars! A light and enjoyable adventure that comments on human nature and the beauty of our world….

Very funny, but it was the wider ethos of the tale that really grabbed me. Overall a brighter look at life today that is sure to keep you smiling from page to page. By Readers’ Favorite.

5 stars! This truly is a wonderful story from a very talented writer. Smoothly-written prose, a fascinating, lightly-penned plot and a strong, slightly confused hero to cheer for. By The Wishing Shelf.

Wrong place, right time?

A star being was supposed to travel light-years across the universe to help humanity by working in Washington, D.C.—but she accidentally lands in a small Kansas town in the body of Missy. Join her on this whimsical journey as she discovers the beauty of life and love on Earth.

Author Ann Crawford’s trademark optimism brings us a witty and wise book filled with memorable characters and insights into what makes us all so very human.

A light, warm-hearted book…highly entertaining and full of wit and charm…intelligent and fun at the same time…a beautiful story from a highly gifted writer…one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. By Artisan Books.

Cold Coffee Review: For those of us who read Ann Crawford’s books, Fresh off the Starship is yet another one of her visionaries, metaphysical, fantastical, unique stories.

Ann uses imagination along with humor to introduce us to a star being traveling light years in order to help humanity.

The landing location was supposed to be Washington DC, but even in light-year travel, mistakes can happen. The star being lands in a small, country town in Kansas. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, this star being accidentally lands in the body of Missy.

With a mission to help humanity, our visitor is given the gift of discovery of life and love on Earth.

This unexpected journey will introduce you to characters who in their own way remind the reader of the goodness in humanity.

Quote from Book: “Braving the snowstorm, Missy heads out to the stable. The horses poke their heads over the stall walls, obviously hoping for some food. She takes down the food sack hanging by the door. After giving them all a treat, she stands by Diamond Girl. She nuzzles her muzzle, pressing her cheek against the horse’s face. “Bashiran, you around?” she calls out. “Are you there? I am completely messing up this project! So much for being incognito.” No answer, although the barn cats rustling in the rafters raise her hopes for a few seconds. She turns back to her friend and throws her arms around her neck, letting Diamond Girl’s glorious mane absorb her tears.”

We all take things in life for granted. Author Ann Crawford is a gifted writer, who has a talent for finding the good in situations and in humanity.

I hope you will enjoy this Romantic Comedy as much as I did. I purchased it from Kindle on January 3, 2019. My review posted on January 4, 2019

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Metaphysical, Visionary, Humor, Entertainment, Paranormal, Urban

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About The Author: Ann Crawford believes in love at first sight, that good always prevails, and that we’re here for those wild, wonderful, way out there, visions of ours to come alive.

Ann has lived “oh, all over,” and right now there’s a view of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains out the window. When she’s not circumnavigating the globe (65 countries and counting, plus all 50 states), communing with sea critters on the ocean floor (in her scuba gear), or climbing every mountain (on the back of her husband’s motorcycle), or flying planes (at least as a student pilot for now), you can find her writing.

Ann is the author of the newly released romcoms/chick lit FRESH OFF THE STARSHIP and LIFE IN THE HOLLYWOOD LANE, mystical SPELLWEAVER about a woman during the witch hunts in Scotland in 1597, the hilarious ANGELS ON OVERTIME, the deep MARY’S MESSAGE (about Mary Magdalene), and reach-for-the-stars VISIONING. Ann’s life-affirming books weave tales of love and intrigue that take readers on mystical journeys. Her characters live radiant lives touched by magic, an ability Ann believes we all have.

Ann is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her first movie was about a group of vets returning to Viet Nam to perform humanitarian work, give something back to the people, return to their Areas of Operation, and heal their wounds of war. Her second movie involved traveling around the world and interviewing people from all walks of life–heads of state, street kids, academics, artists…. the folks of this world–on how they envisioned creating world peace. The website for this movie won numerous awards. Ann is also an award-winning humanitarian.

Ann would be delighted to speak or do a book reading for your group or book club. Please contact her through her website,

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