Ghostly Antiques II – by Jennifer Robins

Ghostly Antiques II – by Jennifer Robins

Psychometry is a psychic power that enables one to divine many facts by holding or touching objects. Visions of persons, places, and things, including ghosts, can often appear to those with the gift. It is much like reading palms, crystal balls, and tea leaves.

Ghostly Antiques II brings back Clara Espy with a new adventure with an ancient Egyptian bowl. The bowl not only has a history of the days of mummification in Egypt, but it holds within it a mystery far beyond Clara’s imagination. While her romance with Charley, the coffee shop owner, continues, she finds herself assisting the police with a murder case that is connected to that ancient bowl she now has in her possession. Her long time friend, Marie, helps her in the shop, and becomes very much involved with the Egyptian bowl. It all leads to a dramatic ending of thrilling expectations.

Genre: Paranormal (Supernatural)

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