Harvest Of The Gods (The Godhunter Book Eight) – by Amy Sumida

Harvest Of The Gods (The Godhunter Book Eight) – by Amy Sumida

The Godhunter Series takes a unique turn in this innovative Split Story!

A unique way of reading; you can enjoy this book alone or read it together with A Fey Harvest, jumping between books. If you’d prefer to read one long, continuous story without jumping between books, please check out the combination book of: Harvest of the Gods and A Fey Harvest.

Demeter, the Harvest Goddess, is on the run. The wolves are on her trail, but even with the best tracking abilities in all the realms they can’t seem to locate her. Now the trackers are turning up dead, and the Froekn are turning to the Godhunter for help. Vervain knows this long-overdue reaping is hers, that she must be the one to pick the bitter fruit of vengeance, but when a darker magic comes into play, she grows less certain over what the harvest shall bring… and who will be the harvester.

The first book in the Godhunter series split, Harvest of the Gods can be read alone OR in conjunction with A Fey Harvest. Harvest of the Gods is set entirely in the God and Human Realms but if you wish, you may follow Vervain from Harvest of the Gods to A Fey Harvest by switching books whenever Vervain declares that she’s off to the Faerie Realm and then switching back when she returns. This way, you may experience events as she does. Or you may read the books independently and enjoy each story separately. Just be sure to read Harvest of the Gods first.

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dragons, Mythical Creatures, Paranormal, Urban

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