He Was The Only Thing Keeping Her Alive!: Book #22 – by Raymond Cook

He-Was-The-Only-Thing-Keeping-Her-Alive-Book-22He Was The Only Thing Keeping Her Alive! ©2015 by Raymond Cook is a 263 page (mild erotic content) story about Seth and Sharon Anderson, a couple who lived in San Antonio, Texas in 1899 after joining a wagon train in Independence, Missouri. The couple ran one of the towns many cafés serving food to town folks and ranch hands. But their marriage was doomed from the start.

Seth liked his whiskey and the card tables in the many saloons in San Antonio. But it wasn’t an argument over a card game that caused Seth’s death. Not only did he like to get drunk and gamble away the couple’s savings but he also liked women. When a gal who worked at a bakery confessed to her husband her infidelity, it didn’t take the angry husband long to find Seth. After a few short curses and threats Seth lay dead on the saloon floor.

With her husband now dead, Sharon struggled for the next three years to keep her small café running, working long hours before heading back to a small one room shack the couple called home behind the cafe. When a letter arrives for Seth, Sharon found the letter in her mailbox. She discovers she’s now the sole heiress to ½ ownership of The Danbury Gold Mine, worth millions in Bozeman, Montana, left to her by her husband’s distant uncle, who she and her husband had barely knew.

But in order to claim her inheritance, Sharon must travel from San Antonio, Texas to Montana within one year. The problem is, her uncle’s partner, Spencer Danbury will claim ownership of the entire mine if she fails to collect her inheritance within the deadline. Spencer will do everything he can to stop her from reaching Bozeman alive. A gunfighter saves Sharon’s life and she hires him try to get her safely to Bozeman and they fall in love.

Genre: Western,

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