Hell Swamp – by Susan Whitfield

Hell Swamp – by Susan Whitfield

Book 3 – The Logan Hunter Mystery Series

Agent Logan Hunter’s cast iron stomach and steeled nerves are put to the test in Hell Swamp, a place where snakes, skulls, and sinister secrets abound. Called back into action from her personal leave to track down a sadistic murderer, Logan traveled to a location in the backwoods of North Carolina, not far from where she grew up. Across Beatty’s Bridge, the familiar Greek revival mansion along the Black River now held a crime scene beyond anyone’s worst nightmare. A gruesome mess with blood tracked everywhere, and key evidence already obliterated. With the SBI seriously shorthanded Agent Hunter had the daunting task of piecing everything together to find the killer. She questioned a strange assortment of suspects and soon discovered the seemingly harmless victim had numerous enemies. Which one committed the heinous crime? Inching closer to the truth, she dodged increasing danger around every curve as the killer tried to stop her investigation. Even more troubling than the physical attacks, this case brought back Logan’s night terrors as she battled Hell Swamp’s demons from the past.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Women’s Fiction,

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