Historical Regency Romance Box Set: 4 Authentic Regency Romance Novels – by Arabella Sheraton (Fiona Ingram)

Historical-Regency-Romance-Box-Set-4-Authentic-Regency-Romance-Novels-by-Arabella-SheratonCurl up with this delightful collection of authentic Regency romance novels by Arabella Sheraton.

Within these pages, you’ll find four fabulous stories of love and romance, mayhem and misunderstanding, mystery and intrigue – all set in traditional Regency England.

In The Dangerous Duke, Fenella Hawke must conceal both her true identity and her feelings for her employer, the Duke of Wyndlesham, in order to keep her job…and her heart…intact.

Married at Midnight sees the handsome and impoverished Earl of Pennington considering a marriage of convenience to save his family estate. The problem is, his perfect bride is already married.

The Wayward Miss Wainwright pits the feisty Helena Wainwright against her arrogant and very attractive brother-in-law, the Duke of Rotherham, when it comes to decisions about family matters.

The Reluctant Bridegroom is a comedy of errors as Miss Miranda Lavenham and her proposed suitor, the Earl of Wenham, do everything they can to avoid their respective family’s tactics to marry them off. But Fate has other plans in store for them. Sparkling and witty, these Regency romances will transport you back in time!

Genre: Romance, Historical, Historical Regency Romance


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