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Honor Must Prevail: Siege Of The Red Clans by Ian Spier

A Paranormal Fantasy epic and alternate history set in Renaissance times, with an ensemble cast led by a young demigoddess who takes too much for granted, and her stern bodyguard, are on a quest to contain the damages of what will be known as the great sundering. Many nations will be irrevocably altered and scarred. Some even destroyed by year’s end.

Other heroes in other lands, are pitted against the same enemies. One is a traumatized orphan, bound by fate to take the path he fears most, to save his daughter.

Another is a disgruntled and cynical captain, a man of his word, but increasingly resentful of the people he is sworn to protect, who see only his blood ties to the Baron. Nothing prepares him for the betrayals that lay in wait for him, and threaten all he holds dear, above all his sister, his niece and and his cousins. His journey is the most perilous of all, on every possible front. These four and their allies, are flung headfirst by happenstance and conspiracy, into a saga of heartbreak, redemption, discovery and heroism. Those that survive, will be forever changed.

Product Details:
Print Length: 544 pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Coming of Age, Paranormal Fantasy

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About Ian D Spier: Ian is a long-time illustrator, sculptor and game designer, [The novel, Honor Must Prevail is his first widely published work]. He has prior copyrights on a 4 act play and a book of poems. Other distinctions: completed a double minor in Asian studies and anthropology, and was editor of a wellness newsletter, local to his town.

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