Into The Void (The Godhunter Book Ten) – by Amy Sumida

Into The Void (The Godhunter Book Ten) – by Amy Sumida

The Godhunter defies death itself!

The second series split will leave you reeling with delight!

The Void, the source of all souls, is a place very few gods remember anymore. It’s also the one place Vervain Lavine needs to find if she wants to bring Odin back to life. There’s only one god who can help her, a god who not only remembers the Void but has been there himself. Lucifer Morningstar, Satan, Beelzebub, the Devil, yeah that guy. He also happens to be her boyfriend’s father.

Maybe getting Odin back won’t be so hard after all.

Sure, no problem, if only the Godhunter’s life wasn’t going to Hell in a handbasket. First, she ends up on an archangel watch list, then mermaids start washing up with beached whales, and finally some idiot god tries to start a zombie apocalypse. Vervain barely has time to breathe, how will she ever make it into the Void?

Into the Void is part of a series split. It can be read alone or together with Out of the Darkness. It features a split cover which can be placed beside Out of the Darkness to create a full picture.

This is the last series split in the Godhunter Saga, don’t miss your opportunity to experience it!

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dragons, Mythical Creatures, Paranormal, Urban

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