Jeffrey – by Jennifer Robins

Jeffrey – by Jennifer Robins

A college student is ill with pneumonia, is taken to hospital with high fever and unconscious. He experiences his first out of body travel (Astral-Travel) Interested in it; he learns to leave his body by will. He travels the astral plain spying on his fellow class mates and his girl friend then uses what he sees to his advantage. He witnesses his math professor dealing in drugs while out of body and blackmails him for a higher grade from the failing one he was getting. He cheats in bets on a chess game after watching while out of body and wins a nice sum of money. Becoming corrupt, he continues to travel about even to his room mate’s girl friends room at night and has out of body sex with her. This new gift has corrupted him. He follows his girlfriend Sally while out of body and learns she is cheating on him with an older man. Anger, a need for revenge has him going crazy. Deceit, crime and murder become a big part of Jeffrey’s life that takes him to a surprising end to his Astral-Travels.

Genre: Paranormal (Supernatural)

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