Keys Program For Authors



Our Multi-Book Authors Come Back To Us With Each New Book.


Step One: Send Us The PDF For The Book You Want Us To Read, Review and Promote Within Our Online Avenues. Please Include Your Amazon Purchase Link For This Book. Email:

Step Two: We Will Let You Know (by email) If We Would Like To Review and Promote Your Book Within Our Promotional Avenues.

Step Three: We Will Send You An Author Spotlight Interview Form To Fill Out and Return.

Step Four: We Will Send You A Pay Pal Invoice ($125.00) To Cover The Cost Of The Promotional Campaign.

Our Book Marketing Promotional Campaigns Produce More Results (on average) than a “Book Tour”.

We Work Hard to Keep Each Campaign High in the Search Engine Results.

  • You will be listed in our Author Directory here on our Cold Coffee Press website.
  • Your Featured Book (that we read and review) will be listed here in our Featured Book Directory.
  • Your Featured Book and other published books will be listed here in our Genre Book Directory.
  • We will add your book trailers to you promotional pages (if you send us the ‘You Tube’ link).
  • You and your books will be featured in one way or another within our 8 promotional websites (Cold Coffee Press Properties):
    Cold Coffee Press
    Cold Coffee Magazine
    Books In Sync
    Book Marketing Global Network
    Cold Coffee Press Magazine
    Authors Global Network
    Screenplay Worthy
  • We will promote you and your books within our online blog avenues (in addition to our website links above).
  • You will receive ongoing support and continued promotion all year round on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.
  • You will receive a detailed report (sent by email) that list all promotional placements (with live links) once the work is complete.
  • This work is labor intensive, so there are no refunds after the work has begun.

Get on our promotional work schedule today.

Contact Person: Theodocia McLean: Owner of Cold Coffee Press Online Properties.


Here Is A List Of Our Cold Coffee Press Online Properties:

Authors Global Network

Books In Sync

Book Marketing Global Network

Cold Coffee Magazine

Cold Coffee Press

Cold Coffee Press Magazine


Screenplay Worthy

We Also Have Multiple Blogs Where We Feature Our Authors.
We Promote Our Authors Daily On Facebook, Twitter and Google+


Note To Authors (Once Your Pages Are Created):
It is your responsibility to email us with any updates for your Author’s and Book(s) pages.
If you need us to update bio photo, book covers, bio script, book descriptions, review links,
purchase links, book videos (you tube) or you need a new promotional campaign for a new release,
please contact Theodocia McLean at


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Cold Coffee Press Office Hours In 2018

Monday – Saturday:  10:00 – 5:00 (Eastern Time)
Sunday: Off (unless something is time sensitive)

Closed on these Holidays:
(The most common (Federal) holidays of the United States (USA))

January 1: New Year’s Day 2018-Monday

January 15: Martin Luther King Day 2018-Monday

February 14: Valentine’s Day 2018-Wednesday

February 19: Presidents Day and Washington’s Birthday 2018-Monday

March 30: Good Friday 2018-Friday

April 1: Easter 2018-Sunday

April 2: Easter Monday 2018-Monday

May 13: Mother’s Day 2018: Sunday

May 19: Armed Forces Day 2018-Saturday

May 28: Memorial Day 2018-Monday

June 14: Flag Day 2018-Thursday

June 17: Father’s Day 2018-Sunday

July 4: Independence Day 2018-Wednesday

September 3: Labor Day 2018-Monday

September 9: Grandparents’ Day 2018-Sunday

September 11: Patriot Day or September 11th 2018-Tuesday

October 8: Columbus Day 2018-Monday

October 31: Halloween 2018-Wednesday

November 11: Veterans’ Day 2018-Sunday

November 22: Thanksgiving 2018-Thursday

November 23: Black Friday 2018-Friday

December 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2018-Friday

December 25: Christmas Day 2018-Tuesday

December 31: New Year’s Eve 2018-Monday

We Appreciate Your Participation In All Our Keys To Success Program.