Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye!: Book #7 – by Raymond Cook

Life-Can-Change-In-The-Blink-Of-An-Eye-Book-7Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye! is a 165 page story about Henry and Rita Woods who own a large ranch six miles outside Marble, Colorado in 1897. On their way to town Sunday morning, a sudden landslide hits their buckboard and shoves them down the steep mountainside. Henry is killed and Rita is badly injured. She finds herself half buried in the gravel when a lone wolf hears the sounds of her crying. As it’s about to attack her, Gerald Colville is riding by and hears her screams and saves her life.

It’s a long tedious task for Gerald to help the injured woman back up the road to where his horse is. Once he helps her up onto his horse together they ride back into town to Doc Miller’s office. But in order to save her life Rita must lose her left hand. While Rita spends the first month of recovery with Karen and Cheryl Liley she also discovers that she’s pregnant. Rita realizes how quickly her life changed in the blink of an eye when she also miscarries her baby.

Now simple chores like getting water from a well, gardening, chopping and carrying firewood, washing cast iron pans, washing clothes, peeling a potato, plucking feathers off a chicken, sewing quilts, breaking open bales of hay or harnessing horses to a buckboard are nearly impossible for her to do now with only one hand. While Rita is healing and trying to adjust to life with only one hand she hires Gerald Colville to help run her ranch.

Gerald proves to be a strong, hard working man who becomes Rita’s source of strength. But she’s haunted by the feeling of helplessness around her ranch. Gerald must help Rita realize that she’s still the same woman she was before she lost her hand. Slowly, Gerald teaches Rita to do more and more as her feelings grow stronger for the man who refuses to give up on her.

Genre: Western, Fiction

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