Linda Bunker

Linda Bunker

Linda Bunker was born in 1941 in Waterbury, Connecticut. At the age of sixteen she became aware she was a Lesbian and spent the next fifty-eight years with her life partner.

She graduated from Katherine Gibbs School in New York City in 1959 and for the next several years worked as an executive secretary. In 1973 she partnered with three other people, one of which was her Lesbian partner, and opened their own business – a bridal shop.

After enjoying a prosperous thirty-four years in business, she and her partner retired to Florida, returning to Connecticut after five years and settling in a fifty-five and over adult community in Prospect, Connecticut.

Writing began as a recreation for her at age seventy, but shortly thereafter became a passion. Her first book, YOUR STORY MATTERS (TELL IT) documents her life as a Lesbian assimilating into mainstream while in actuality living in a cocoon. Once she started writing the story, she could not stop. The book was self-published and made available at Amazon and Bella Books. Reviews were exemplary and prodded her to write her next book – CLAUDIA AND ESTELLE (THE EXTRAORDINARY GAY COUPLE). This book is a compilation of short stories covering humorously embellished situations she and her then eighty year old partner experienced since retiring. Each story is illustrated with comical sketches of the two old “hens.” Again the book was self-published and made available on Amazon and Bella Books.

Getting all the “serious stuff” out of the way, she reflected on the days spent in the bridal shop. During that time, a niece was seriously injured in an automobile accident. She made up stories about mice living in the bridal shop, and sent daily excerpts in letter form to the little girl. At age seventy-four she reflected on these letters and wrote her third book, MICE TAILS…Persevering Possibilities and Succeeding. The book poses the question, if mice can do it, why can’t humans and is geared to readers of all ages. Also available on Amazon, the book is positioned for more editions.

However, at this time the writer finds herself alone, after losing her partner after a long, heartbreaking illness. She has a burning desire to write the sequel to YOUR STORY MATTERS….perhaps using the title IS MY STORY OVER. She is very sad and is praying for a rainbow ending before she starts.

Featured Selection

Mice Tales: Persevering Possibilities and Succeeding (Volume 1) by Linda Bunker

Mice Tales: Persevering Possibilities and Succeeding (Volume 1) by Linda Bunker

MICE TALES is a story of a diverse group of mice who experience life’s ups, downs and all-arounds, just as humans.

They adopt a motto of persevering possibilities, brilliantly achieving an impossible goal, which in turn results in a happy ending for all.

The story, while comical, accentuates deep acceptance of all earth’s species, nationalities, religious or non-religious beliefs, lineage and lifestyles. The Golden Rule works –
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”

How very simple. If mice can do it, why can’t humans?

Kelly Morgan (Illustrator)

Cold Coffee Review: An endearing story with life lessons involving a cast a characters made up of a group of mice who persevere through challenges, never sway from their core values and convictions, while achieving a task so grand that most would have gone away in defeat.

Special mention for Kelly Morgan who did a beautiful job on the book cover and the illustrations throughout the book.

Author Linda Bunker is a great story teller who weaves her own life philosophies into her stories and this is a great beginning to this new series. I found the book’s introduction very interesting with forty-four well written chapters that keep the reader engaged in the life of this unique group of mice living in the mall shops. Two live in the Deli, one in the Tuxedo Shop, three in the Bridal Shop and two in the Yarn Shop. Aishe Vadoma is the proprietor of the yarn shop and her life is about to change in more ways than one.

I invite you to read this uplifting story in a day and time when there is more negative thrown at us then most of us can handle in a day. As a grandmother of two I recommend this book for Tweens (ages 10-14), Young Adults (ages 15-21) and all adults of all ages who are young at heart. We are never too old to listen, learn, accept one another and follow ‘The Golden Rule’. I highly recommend for teens and adult book clubs where discussion is encouraged.

I endorse Mice Tales- Persevering Possibilities and Succeeding (Volume 1) by Linda Bunker. This is the first book in her ‘Mice Tails’ series and I hope it won’t be long until the next book is available. Available in both print and Kindle, I purchased this book from Kindle. This review was completed on 01/21/2017. I have also have the privileged to have read Linda Bunker’s dual set of books titled ‘Your Story Matters… Tell It’ and ‘Claudia Estelle The Extraordinary Senior Gay Couple’.

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult (ages 15 -21) , Tweens (ages 10-14), Adults (Young At Heart)

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