Lover’s Salvation (The Hemocil Society Book 2) – by Ruthie L. Manier

Lover’s Salvation (The Hemocil Society Book 2) by Ruthie L. Manier

A witch on the run…

After Issy’s car broke down and she was forced to walk for miles to reach the nearest town, she practically fell into the Shitkick Bar out of the sweltering, Washington heat. Moisture glistened her delicate skin, her cheeks flushed a pale pink. She heaved huge gulps of air from the A/C above her head as though starving for the coolness it would bring. She leaned against the door as it creaked shut behind her, long, slim, parted legs barely held her small frame up. Her eyelashes fluttered down upon her skin As she brushed her damp hair out of her lovely face. Issy had no idea a room full of people witnessed her every move as she clung to to the door singing out the word, “Hallelujah.”

A Va’atacos on vacation…

Marcus realized the beauty was in trouble from first glance. A woman on the run and in crucial need of blood. Her hunger filled the crowded room, weakness abundant throughout her slowed motions. Not good. If he sensed the woman’s thirst, so did everyone else in the room. Marcus gathered she didn’t possess much time before she collapsed to the floor, her mind slipping into the darkness. Without warning an overwhelming need came over him to help and protect this woman. From that moment on he vowed to defend her, no matter the cost.

About the Author: Hi I’m Ruthie, and I’m happy you took the time to read my short bio. I live and work in Skagit Valley Washington. I’m married to a man I adore and we were blessed with four children, who in return blessed us with four grandchildren, with one on the way. We are lucky enough to have enjoyed are golden retriever Moses, for the last fifteen years and love him as though he were blood. My favorite things to do when I finally find free time are; dressing up like the characters from my favorite books, Pirates, vampires, witches, damsels in distress, and acting out the parts. (Just kidding) Spending time with family and friends are at the top of the list. Camping or any kind of outside activity would be next. But most of all I enjoy writing or reading a book that is so delicious it sets my mind free to wander to new places and believe in things that are completely unbelievable…

Genre:  Romance, Paranormal, Angels, Witches & Wizards, Vampires

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