Managing Your Inner A**Hole: An Unusual Education In The Fundamentals Of Emotional Intelligence – by B. W. Prescott

Managing Your Inner A**Hole – by B. W. Prescott

“Have you ever let your emotions get the better of you? Have you ever felt like events, or circumstances, or other people were controlling you—instead of you being in control of you? Have you ever acted in a way that you later regretted because you were caught off guard, or were tired, or angry, or hurt, or frustrated, or didn’t really know what to do, or just didn’t have the time you needed to think through how you should respond to something or someone before you actually did? Have you ever hated yourself afterward, or wondered how you could be so dumb?

Have you ever wondered why nobody ever wrote down a practical set of step-by-step, bulletproof guidelines for developing and maintaining a healthy relationship? Or have you ever wondered why, if there really is a God and He really is the Creator of the universe, why He didn’t bother to take the time to leave us a simple list of instructions for dealing with the biggest emotional challenges of our lives?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then this book is for you! That list of bulletproof instructions not only exists, God wrote them. Managing Your Inner A**hole is an unvarnished, unconventional look at the greatest practical advice the Bible has to offer without a hint of preaching, pretense, or posturing. Imminently logical without the guilt-trip, compassionate and humble without judgment or condemnation, this is a story of acceptance and empowerment about what it means to really love, what you have to do to really grow, and the surprisingly simple steps you can take right now to manage your own Inner A**hole and build a happier, healthier life and network of relationships than you ever dreamed possible.”

Cold Coffee Review: I am deeply moved by B.W. Prescott’s book, life, and mission.

This is a deeply honest book designed to help others in their healing journey.

The author weaves his own personal experiences and self-discovery into a life resource guide to wake the sleeping spirit inside us and draw us to a deeper awareness of self, others, our existence and the power of God to communicate his love when a person is in their own deepest personal hell.

B. W. Prescott’s is a master of reflecting his intellect, love and deep passion for helping others, and it shines through in a way that makes you stop and ponder where you are, where you are going and where will you end up.

Once this book is in your hands, it will be impossible to put down.

I endorse B. W. Prescott’s book titled ‘Managing Your Inner A**Hole: An Unusual Education In The Fundamentals Of Emotional Intelligence’.

Review Date July 24, 2014

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