Mark L. Redmond

Mark L. Redmond

Mark L. Redmond taught high school English for 29 years in South Bend, Indiana.

He has been a freelance writer for over 30 years. An avid reader since childhood, Redmond has studied the history of the American West and has focused on showing his middle grade readers what the old West was really like.

He has published over 25 short stories and articles, a six-book middle grade fiction series (The Adventures of Arty Anderson), and a collection of short stories (Five for the Trail).

A member of Western Writers of America and Single Action Shooting Society, Redmond has been studying the West through reading and travel for most of his life (and he’s an old timer, born in 1953!).

Extensive research and travel throughout the western states combine to make his fiction accurate. Redmond currently lives in Indiana with his wife Susie. He and Susie are work-campers, who live in their motor home as they continue to explore the West.

Featured Selection

Arty Goes West (Adventures Of Arty Anderson Book One) – by Mark L. Redmond

Arty Goes West (Adventures Of Arty Anderson Book One) by Mark L. Redmond

Saddle up, pardner, and hang on! Arty Anderson is about to take you on a rip-roarin’ ride through the Old West.

Arty’s adventure begins when he and his ma head west to live on a ranch left to them by Arty’s pa. Arty’s first stagecoach ride introduces him to some real “owlhoots” who just can’t leave the tenderfoots alone; and being a twelve-year-old, Arty just naturally gets himself into all kinds of trouble with them, beginning with Mr. Chastain.

If you like adventure, excitement and fun, then hurry up and get your ticket. The stagecoach is about to leave for the Circle A. “All aboard!”

Genre: Westerns, Christian Books & Bible, Literature & Fiction, Religious & Inspirational Fiction, Historical Fiction

Age: Middle Grade Fiction

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