Oaken Rings – by Ronald Fox

Oaken Rings – by Ronald Fox

“Wake up, awake,” the voice called. “Reach for what has been laid before you by the Fates. Keep moving forward. Do not waste this time. Your life, good and noble squire, depends on it.

Tomorrow your journey begins, and thus begins the rest of your life. Your impact upon your world shall be no small matter. Exhaust yourself to gain safe passage, and pray to God. Go now, in haste, and make thee ready.”

It is the Middle Ages. Rand wakes to find himself thrust into a time of violence and upheaval that grips Medieval England.

It becomes for him a journey of discovery, of growth, of love, and of learning. He must adapt to a lifestyle entirely foreign to him, and a culture he has only read about. He must adapt or die. Sword in hand, he charges into the most fantastic adventure of his life.

Genre: Other, Historical reference guide, Fictional medieval time period with true historical references

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