On The Trail Of A Killer!: Book #8 – by Raymond Cook

On-The-Trail-Of-A-Killer-Book-8On The Trail Of A Killer! is a 286 page story about Robert and Faith Crawford; who with their three children, Destiny, Chad and Olivia traveled by covered wagon from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Marble, Colorado in 1897. Destiny was 18, Chad, 14 and her sister Olivia 10 when their parents bought a 160 acre homestead ranch near Carl and Cheyenne Jackson.

Robert and his family set out to turn their new ranch into a profitable garden growing business to provide fruits and vegetables to the ever-growing mining town of Marble. During those first two years, everyone got up before dawn and work didn’t end until dusk. But life was about to take a terrible turn for the Crawford family 2 years later after a huge grizzly bear drawn to a Ute Indian camp by the smell of a freshly killed deer, attacks the village.

Armed with only spear, tomahawk and knife; men, women and children’s screams echoed through the mountains. Two braves thrust their spears deep into the grizzly to no avail. In desperation, one brave shot his arrow into the side of the grizzly’s neck. The resulting infection turned into a huge boil which drove the grizzly insane with pain, as he made his way through the mountains, killing everything that crossed his path.

A month later, the Crawford family is attacked in the middle of the night during a rainstorm; and everyone is killed except for Destiny, who jumped out her bedroom window and climbed a tree. Destiny vows to hunt down and kill the marauding grizzly as she kneels down at the graves of her family. Months later; as Destiny rides toward a cabin seeking shelter; 4 mountain men see her and take to their horses to hunt her down. Knowing she’ll be captured or killed, Destiny realizes she must stand her ground and face the men hunting her.

Genre: Western, Fiction

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