Payback – by Pat Kelley

Payback – by Pat Kelley

After more than thirty years in Human Resources, first as a specialist, then manager, and finally director, Millie Morrison is tired. During the last three years especially, a divorce, financial problems, estrangement from her children and constant problems at work have left her burned out and depressed. She badly needs a change but is afraid a new situation won’t be any better than the current one.

Can she maintain her professionalism in the face of all the stress?

As Millie works to resolve the problems that bedevil her and her company, a heat wave and a mad man bring everything to an unexpected head.

Come along and see how Millie deals with all the HR issues and personal issues taking away her peace of mind. Payback is the first book in the Human Resources series written by a professional with more than forty-three years experience. The next book in the series is Rich Mountain, coming soon!

Genre: Non-fiction, Professional & Technical


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