Poetry To Ponder – by Dawn Huffaker

Poetry To Ponder – by Dawn Huffaker

Dawn L. Huffaker lives in the mountains of the southwestern corner of New Mexico. She is the eldest daughter of two educators.

At the age of eight months, Dawn became mysteriously ill and never learned to walk. She has had to learn to deal with her world from a wheelchair. With the help of her family, she is leading a productive life.

In junior high, Dawn discovered her passion for poetry. Some very special teachers took the time to show her the beauty of words. From that point on, she wrote poetry for family and friends, and published works in the school newspapers.

In college, she received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and minors in English and Biology. Dawn went on to found a local computer store. The store operated for seventeen years. Then, she spent two months in the hospital dealing with a health concern, and had to close her business.

When Dawn returned home, she spent several months recuperating. During this time, she began exploring the idea of publishing her first book of poetry, and selecting her very best poems to put in volume one. That was how Flights of Fancy came to be.

Dawn published her second book Flower Escapes in 2009. It is a collaboration with Michele Duncan who is an amazing floral photographer. The book is available through Amazon.

Dawn’s special projects are a 2014 calendar and writing poetry for a new book. The title is Poetry to Ponder. Dawn would like to share a poem from it:

I like buzzards,
Plain and simple.
It’s not because they
Scavenge for
Roadkill and carnage.
No, I’m not morbid.
To me, they are God’s
Perfect windsurfers.
When the morning warms,
Thermals form.
Buzzards seek them out.
As the warm air rises,
Lazily they bank a wing,
Higher and higher.
Nary a flap do they take.
By twos and threes
They will ride a thermal
Seeing how high they climb
Until it peters out.
What fun they have
On a summer’s day,
As I watch in admiration
From my back deck!
2012 © Dawn L. Huffaker. All rights reserved.


Featured Selection

Poetry To Ponder by Dawn Huffaker

This is a collection of poems about nature, life, and fantasy written by Dawn Huffaker.
They are meant to spark the imagination. Relax. Recharge. Here is a poem for you:

Stillness, peace,

Kindness, joy,
Love, patience,

Guidance, completion.
Listening to God within

Brings understanding
And satisfaction

To my journey.

I am never alone.
2017©Dawn Huffaker

Book Review: I have been following Dawn’s poetry for years. Poetry To Ponder by Dawn Huffaker is her most complete poetry book to date.

She looks at our world through the sensitive, creative, heart of a poet. For an example, she asks you these questions: “Have you ever wondered how the flowers feel when they bloom?”

Dawn wants to bring you joy into your life through her poems. I invite you to purchase this book and keep it in your pocket book, brief case, desk drawer, night stand for the very times that you feel stress in your life. Like a song that lifts your spirit so is the power of poetry.

About The Author: Dawn Huffaker is “from New Mexico where the turquoise sky meets the rugged mountains and carves poetry alongside the chimes of nature. Living in a home where books have always been adored, Dawn, the eldest of two daughters, fell in love with literature. Although disabled and in a wheel chair, God has bestowed upon her life soul music in the form of poetry.

I endorse Poetry To Ponder by Dawn Huffaker. Enjoy this book and all Dawn’s poetry books. I purchased this book in print from Amazon. This review was completed on September 24, 2017.

Genre: Poetry

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