Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold!: Book #17 – by Raymond Cook

Revenge-Is-A-Dish-Best-Served-Cold-Book-17Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold! © 2014 by Raymond Cook is a 285 page story about a long-time feud between two families outside Marble, Colorado in 1898. On one side were Frank Baker and his four grown sons, Jasper, Seth, Gerald and Bryant. Their neighbors Jess and Tamara Euland owned a cattle ranch beside a lake in a boxed end of a valley. Frank repeatedly offered Jess money if he could water his cattle at his lake but Jess didn’t like the Baker’s and refused.

One September morning Frank and his son’s saw Jess and his wife Tamara outside Campbell’s General Store. Both of them are shot in the back. Jess was killed and Frank and his sons fled Marble. Tamara was seriously wounded and it takes her months to recover. She vows to chase her husband’s killers clear to hell if she has to. During the town’s spring rodeo and quick draw contest, Tamara watches as a stranger draws and shoots as fast as lightning.

After paying the gunfighter to teach her how to be as fast with a gun as he is, she visits her husband’s grave and says goodbye. Tamara sets out on what eventually becomes a 400 mile journey to catch up to and kill Frank, Jasper, Seth, Gerald and Bryant Baker. But along the way she’ll ride into the burned out town of Delta and discover the only one left alive is a six year old child. Saddled with the scared child, Tamara can’t continue her search for her husband’s killers.

She travels back to a family whose baby died at birth and lets them raise him. Tamara will continue riding from town to town looking for her Jess’s killers. Will she survive facing down the cowards who killed her father? More importantly, what will Tamara’s destiny be if she does beat the odds and live?

Genre: Western, Fiction

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