Ruthie L. Manier

Ruthie is an author of romance, paranormal, western, historical, time travel, and contemporary.

She lives in Washington State.

Loves dogs.

Her favorite past time is spending quality time with loved ones, camping, reading, writing and running.

But what really makes her heart glow is to sign her books for enthusiastic readers at farmer’s markets, street fairs, book stores and holiday craft sales.

Featured Selection

Tombstone Ghost Cowboy by Ruthie L Manier

Skylar Cummings never dreamed time travel was possible until she finds herself in a room with a gorgeous but calloused cowboy from the Wild Wild West. Researching paranormal activity in Tombstone, Arizona, Sky assumed she was witnessing a ghost, but she’d stumbled through a portal to the past.

Jesse Clarke is a nineteenth century cowboy who’s renounced love after a devastating heartbreak. Women only desire his money, so he’s better-off without them … until a mysterious woman materializes in his room.

After a string of disastrous events, Skylar creates dangerous enemies and discovers herself detained. Jesse is summoned to escort her out of town before a lynch mob develops, but an unquestionable chemistry is growing between them. Will Jesse help her attempt to return to the twenty-first century, or can he convince the feisty woman to build a new future with him?

“If you like adventure, time travel, and western romance, Tombstone Ghost Cowboy is an entertaining and enjoyable romance that will leave you wishing you could time travel to find a cowboy of your own!”

From the Author: Tombstone Ghost Cowboy is my first time travel or western romance. I loved every minute of writing this story. Two years ago I visited Tombstone, Arizona and had a great time with my family doing tours and watching reenactments of the famous deadly shoot-out with the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday against The Cowboy Gang. The front cover of my book is Allen Street by the OK Corral where it was said to have happened. My story starts and ends in The Bird Cage Theatre which is said to be loaded with paranormal activity. While I was touring the museum down stairs across from the casino where the longest poker game ever recorded was played I peeked in to the room Wyatt Earp and Josephine stayed when a gorgeous, rugged cowboy appeared on the bed! It’s true! I couldn’t wait to get home and get my thoughts on paper.

Genre: Romance, Time Travel, Westerns

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