Saffron and Seaweed: A Summer McCloud Paranormal Mystery Book 2 – by Nikki Broadwell

Saffron and Seaweed: A Summer McCloud Paranormal Mystery (Book 2) – by Nikki Broadwell

Book 2 takes Summer and Jerry away from Ames on holiday. Little do they know what awaits them there!

Summer and Jerry’s romantic weekend takes a dark turn when they discover the body of a young woman in the surf.

When the local police deny the crime and the newspaper prints nothing, Jerry and Summer realize they are on their own. But they have no idea how deep they will have to dig to find out the truth. The murder is only a thread in a web of lies that extends to the furthest reaches of political office.

Are Summer’s visions to be the only clues? Jerry doesn’t think so, his focus on good old-fashioned detective work, but when he doubts her psychic abilities the trust between them begins to crumble.

As the days pass, Jerry and Summer come to understand that not only their relationship, but their very lives are in jeopardy.

Genre: Romance, Paranormal


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