Secrets at Lighthouse Point (The Dinkle Island Series Book 3) by Hugh Harris

Secrets at Lighthouse Point (The Dinkel Island Series Book 3) – by Hugh Harris

Marty lay back on his pillow and stared at the ceiling. “It’s sort of like Lighthouse Point is loaded with deep, dark secrets.”

He and Gracie lay together in silence, and presently he sat up. “I know God’s light is brighter and stronger than all the dark secrets put together. We’re on the right track, hon. With God’s help, we’ll make it. We have to hang on with absolute trust.”

Sometimes even your best intentions are tested by things you can’t control. Just when Gracie Love and Marty need a break from the gospel music circuit, Fanny Grayson calls with a challenge that takes them back to Dinkel Island. Fanny needs help launching a spiritual retreat center on the old lighthouse property that she has purchased.

Gracie soon finds herself in the center of gossip as volatile as a thunderstorm’s damaging winds. The seller tries to back out of closing. Secret activities at the lighthouse begin to be exposed. Gracie and Marty question their commitment, and Pastor Kate Sheppard helps them stay on course.

A crime syndicate surfaces when a local businessman suddenly disappears. Will the secrets ever end?

Secrets at Lighthouse Point is a story of intrigue, challenge, and the ultimate triumph of faith, centered in Matthew 5:15: “No one after lighting a lamp puts it under a bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.

Cold Coffee Review: Secrets are always intriguing. We all love finding maps that point to buried treasure, discovering a rare find in our grandmother’s attic, finding the perfect sea shell on the beach, a nugget of gold or a rare gem on a camping trip, an Indian arrow head in the back yard of the property we just purchased, but what if the secret exposes a criminal element that threatens property and lives?

The Secrets at Lighthouse point begins as “Gracie and Marty parked at the shed beside the lighthouse and walked up through the field toward the woods that framed the area. Gracie shaded her eyes against the sun’s brightness as a warm southerly breeze gently ruffled her hair. She became totally focused on the old weathered structure, almost as though it were a living thing, and she wanted to take its pulse and tap into its soul. Swirling gulls screamed to one another out past the promontory on which it stood. Though she couldn’t see the water from where she was, she knew the high-bluffed, forested parcel was visible from the entrance to Tranquility Bay.”

While rumors spread throughout the small community about the upcoming sale of Lighthouse landmark and surrounding property, Gracie makes plans to take her own miraculous healing journey and turn the darkness that invades this property into hallowed ground where people can come and experience healing for themselves.

What barriers both earthly and spiritual, past and present challenge a ministry that will shed light into darkness?

How does faith of a few bring light into the dark secrets that have lay buried in this land for decades and how does God’s purpose expose the evil and bring about restoration to the land, community, peoples’ lives and future visitors?

How can an old decaying lighthouse that showed the way to weary travelers who happened upon her shores for decades be transformed into a lamp-stand for God healing for all mankind?

Read Author Hugh Harris’ remarks at the end of this fictional story where he sheds light on some dark realities in America today.

I endorse Secrets at Lighthouse Point by Hugh Harris a fictional inspirational story which runs parallel to some very real problems facing America today. I was given this book. This review was completed on November 29, 2015.

Genre: Christian, General, Cultural Heritage, Religion & Spirituality, Religion Fiction

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