Single Book Promotional Campaign For Existing Members Of Cold Coffee Press

Do you have a new book coming out? If so, this new single book promotional campaign is for you.

This new promotional campaign is used for authors needing a special promotion to announce a new book or make changes to an existing book. This new campaign will refresh your existing campaign which will automatically bring your name and your book titles higher up in the search engine ranking.

When Should You Invest In An Aggressive Diversified Professional Author/Book Campaign?

  • Six months before your first book is published to introduce yourself as a new author.
  • Right after your first book is published to introduce your first book.
  • Every time you publish a new book or make changes to your book (new cover, new publisher, new book trailer or new format like adding an e-book when you have only had a print book available).
  • Every six months to insure that your book links have proper search engine recognition.
  • We create a special Book Spotlight/Endorsement Promotional Release (featuring one book and a list of titles and links to all your books), post it to our blogs and online e-zines. Once the promotional campaign is done, you receive a detailed report with the links by email.
  • You and your books will be featured in one way or the other on our 7 promotional websites (Cold Coffee Press Properties) which include  Cold Coffee Press, Cold Coffee Cafe, Authors Global Network, Cold Coffee Magazine, Author Meeting Place, eReader Paradise, and Books In Sync.
  • We continue to promote daily one featured book (with our review) on our Facebook pages, Twitter page and Google+ page in a rotation schedule that we have set up to accommodate all our Cold Coffee Press Authors. 
  • This work is labor intensive, so there are no refunds after the work has begun. We harvest almost all of the information that we need in order to save you time.
  • We ask that you purchase this campaign once your book is published. If your book is on a pre-publish purchase schedule, its slows your promotional campaign down. Make sure that your publisher has your book set so that if a reader purchases, they get immediately.

We accept payment through Pay Pal (e-check, debit and credit cards) or personal check. Click the “Buy Now” button below if you are an existing member of Cold Coffee Press and need a single book campaign for a new book that you have published.

Single Book Promotional Campaign for Existing Members